Join campaign for a strong Lokpal law to make India corruption-free
The people of India are sick of corruption. Anna Hazare’s Jantar Mantar fast, which got overwhleming public support, has not gone in vain. The latest government version of the proposed Lokpal Bill is certainly an improvement over the anemic bill drafted by the law ministry in December 2010, but the governemt is still not ready to go the whole hog. It wants to retain certain controls. This, unfortunately, may provide escape routes to the corrupt.It’s not too late to tell the government that we, the people of India, do not want any compromises on the anti-corruption law. You can also join the campaign by giving a missed call to the toll-free number 08030088502 or by sending lok as an SMS to 58888.

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  1. Thyagarasjan Says:

    The citizens of India have to be informed widely to join NON-CO OPERATIVE MOVEMENT against the Govts LokPal bill from 16th august. It should be a peaceful protest. The Corporates also should be informed to allow their employees to participate in this campaign. This is the last chance we have against these corrupt officials. If we fail now, the offficials will get emboldened and the scams will get much larger.
    For this the TIMES NOW TV will have to play a yoeman service STARTING TODAY till the govt buckles in.

    • Ravindran G. Sethumadhavan Says:

      Fully endorse this view. By doing this we would do good to ourselves, to the nation and the world in general.
      Ravindran G. S. FL. USA

  2. Thyagarasjan Says:

    During media briefings, KAPIL SIBIL with a wry smile at the corner of his mouth keeps asking why the previous govt did not introduce the LOKPAL bill in spite of 2 years after approvals.
    The reporters should ask immediately saying the UPA is now in power and should present a strong bill instead of talking about previous govts or others

  3. Sushil Says:

    Indian politicians are in old shoes. They have failed to understand global village world with technological innovations is not same as was half century back. More people are educated. TV & internet exist.

    A good percentage of masses now understand. Facades behind political utterances. Befooling today’s masses will bring catastrophic results for them; they will have tarnished names in history.

  4. Btr Says:

    Very interesting info! I am from Minsk by the way. Would visit India someday. I think this country is one of the must see in the world.

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