Courtesy: The Times of India (Mumbai)

Victims recall the horror of the Mumbai terror attacks that left over 160 people dead.

Cost of keeping Kasab alive: Rs 31cr so far

The cash-strapped Maharashtra govt has so far spent a staggering Rs 31 crore, or nearly Rs 85 lakh per day, to keep 26/11 attacker Ajmal Kasab safe and secure enough to stand trial.

26/11 ‘hero’ cop’s daughter returns aid

Vaishali Ombale has lived up to her father’s ideal. The daughter of assistant sub-inspector Tukaram Ombale, who was martyred while nabbing terrorist Ajmal Kasab, declined aid of Rs 3 lakh collected for the family by a South Mumbai-based institute.

India won’t rest till Pak punishes 26/11 guilty: PM

Paying homage to victims of the 26/11 carnage on the eve of its first anniversary, PM Manmohan Singh said that India “will not rest” till it has brought the perpetrators of the massacre to justice.

Eerie silence cloaks untouched Nariman House

Baby Moshe’s room has been left untouched with his toys and building blocks left in a disarray on the bed, waiting to be put away.

Kasab should be hanged from a lamp post: Major’s father

26/11/08, 11.30 pm. He last spoke to his father, asking him to watch the “interesting episode outside hotel Taj shown live on TV.” A day later, he was seen there, lying dead.


Light a candlePay your tributes to those who died in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks.


Is India a soft state?Is India’s ‘avoid-confrontation’ policy responsible for the country’s failure to check terrorism?




‘Top cops lay bleeding for 40 mins before help came’

Kartikeya //

Vinita, with the help of police call records obtained through RTI, has alleged in her book that the police officers lay injured for over 40 minutes in Rang Bhavan lane before help arrived.

Games, comics, movies hop aboard 26/11 bandwagon

TNN //

The aftermath of 26/11 fall at least one person who slunk in, in indecent haste, where others had feared to tread.

26/11: Day when statute was adopted

Manoj Mitta //

“That the Constitution as settled by the Assembly be passed.” Those were the words used by our founding fathers when they adopted the Constitution with great hopes and aspirations, exactly 60 years ago on November 26, 1949.

Watching chief die, he regrets inability to fire

S Ahmed Ali //

Tumweapon chaloo shakto kaa?’’(Do you know to operate weapons) was what encounter specialist Vijay Salaskar asked constable Arun Jadhav while inducting the latter in his team in 1996.

‘Kasab’s confessions began in the trauma unit itself’

Malathy Iyer, Kartikeya & Mateen Hafeez //

Police sources who were present when this conversation (a routine protocol for every medico-legal case) took place concede that it established for the first time the lethal link that the 26/11 investigations hinges on.

Newlyweds recall night of terror with pain, frustration

Swati Deshpande //

It was a shower of bullets and not rose petals that greeted them on the day of their wedding reception last year at the Taj Mahal hotel.

Full makeover for Oberoi hotel by April

TNN //

The Oberoi, Mumbai, and the Trident, Nariman Point, still throb with the shock and pain of last year’s audacious terrorist attacks.


The candles Manmohan missed

Shilpa’ marriage reception and Obama’s reception for our PM are the two most important stories hogging the space on the eve of 26/11, writes Tarun Vijay.

Ajmal Kasab Ki Gazab Kahani

What we have done in the 12 months since 26/11 then is a more accurate index, says Anshul Chaturvedi.

Stop jabbering about 26/11

Every time we revive memories of 26/11, we are actually encouraging the terrorists, says Pritish Nandy.

Terror: We’ve lost the plot

US response to 9/11 was over the top; our reaction to 26/11 has been under-the-table, feels M J Akbar.

Scared Kasab, Scary Kasab

Is Kasab a dangerous fanatic or exploited innocent, questions Bachi Karkaria.


Victims forgotten

Arun Jadhav was in the jeep in which ATS chief Hemant Karkare, Ashok Kamte and Salaskar were killed.

Cashing in on a catastrophe

Four days ahead of the first anniversary of the Mumbai attacks, a creative storm is building to cash in on the tragedy.

Shoddy care adds to wounds

Sabira was returning home on 26/11 after giving Arabic tutions when she met with a life-altering accident.

Man who injured Kasab’s partner

Assistant inspector Hemant Bhawdhankar says he cannot forget the midnight of November 26 last year, when the country’s most high-profile prisoner, Ajmal Kasab, was captured alive.


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