Mumbai Re-Designed

Urbz, a Dharavi-based group that focuses on organically developing the city, will be exhibiting the information they’ve collected from their four-day workshop in the city on .
You can catch a glimpse of photographs, paintings, projections, films, music and audiovisuals created during the workshop by the 40 participants, who present novel ways to deal with change without harming the basic cultural fabric of the city.

“Most of the works feature old neighbourhoods such as Null Bazaar, Chor Bazaar and Bhuleshwar as we want people to think of heritage neighbourhoods in a different manner. For example- Bhuleshwar’s 125 year-old buildings are being redeveloped in a haphazard manner.

Complex issues, such as the relations between the upper middle and lower middle classes residing side by side for decades, are completely ignored. We want people to question such things,” states Rahul Srivastava, Founder Member, Urbz.

At: Girgaum Catholic Club, Khotachi Wadi.
On: November 1, 6 pm onwards
Call: 9823209788

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  1. Javed shaikh Says:

    I like my mumbai city.

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