‘Terrorist’ Ravan burns in Navi Mumbai

One of the greatest demons of our time is terrorism. Fittingly, residents of Belapur’s Sector 2 gleefully destroyed it in the form of Ravan on Monday. A 22-foot effigy, replete with firecrackers and draped in red silk raiment, embodied not just the mythological demon king, but also the evil of terrorism.

“The Belapur-based Shree Albela Hanuman Mandir Trust has burned Ravan effigies for the past 27 Dasseras without fail,” said trust member Prashant Patil.

As recurring terrorism has struck a chord among the public, the Trust thought it appropriate seemed to correlate it with the symbolic victory of good over evil, and to express the hope that today’s scourge will be destroyed and give way to peace and harmony.

People from all over Navi Mumbai gathered in Belapur to witness the fiery end of the ten-headed Ravan, as children gleefully clapped and danced.

On the occasion of Vijaydashmi, Bengali women also gathered to apply sindoor to one another and to the goddess Durga at the Vashi pandal of New Bombay Bengali Association. The Durga idols were later immersed in the traditional manner.

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One Response to “‘Terrorist’ Ravan burns in Navi Mumbai”

  1. Geeta Kapadia Says:

    Tuesday, October 13, 2009
    terrorist and You

    Dear readers ,
    last year ,Mumbai was attacked by terrorist, this attack stirred something
    with in all of us ……. with time that has fed away ….
    again there will be public debates and interviews as the anniversay of
    attack draws near .
    I write this to support a mother who lost her son to terrorist in
    Kashmir 15 years ago . He was first of Mumbai boys to fall to the
    bullet of terrorist .It did not move the public much nor did it when
    other officers from Mumbai died in action in J and K .
    Anuradhtai Gore , Mother of Captain Vinayak Gore , is fighting one
    woman battle , to make people aware , that we have lost sons , we are
    proud of them but we must make politicians take action , for better
    solutions , and not just sit back .
    She has written a book on 19 young officers from Mumbai who have los
    their lives in last few years .
    She is writing history of Army battles , from 1947 to 2009 .People
    know of only 62, 65 , 71 ,99Kargil war but do not know about the
    battles fought during same time in different areas of borders .We do
    not know our own history ,hence we do not care .

    It is one mother’s battle to pull in people , and face the goverment
    to work , and take direct step .
    You know the order for security boats was given tonly in September to
    the boat making company .No security measures are taken up ,except for
    the ministers themselves.No training for the police well you know it
    all .
    I write this so that you can support Mrs.Anradhatai Gore in her fight
    , she wants to stage amassive morch an Mantralaya on the
    26thNovember 2009 .Please ,

    contact Anuradhatai Gore :mobile 9619008698
    tel: 26837957

    Address :Jeevan Sarita ,
    Tejpal scheme , rd no 1.
    Vile parle east .Mumbai .

    Please note Anuradha tai was vice -principal of Parle Tilak Vidyalaya
    , she takes up workshop for youth every year for three weeks during
    Diwali , to make children know their country and be a better citizen .
    Please , stretch your hand forward and support her all the way .All so
    please send this to all you know.

    yours sincerely ,
    Geeta Kapadia,
    mother of Late LT.Nawang Kapadia.

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