12 terror attacks rattle S Mumbai

South Mumbai under attack, 200 NSG commandoes from Delhi roped in to counter terrorist insurgency

Around 200 Commandos from the National Security Guards (NSG) have left from Delhi and will be reaching Mumbai  to counter the terror attacks that hit the city last night.

Shootouts and explosions continued to rattle south Mumbai late last night. The shootouts started at Colaba Causeway outside Leopold cafe and spread to Taj Mahal Hotel near Gateway of India, Trident Hotel on Marine Drive, Cama and Albless hospital on the Mahapalika Marg and CST all within a kilometre of each other.
Firing at CST

Two gunmen, armed with AK-47 rifles and grenades, entered CST after firing outside the station. Mumbai General Railway Police Commissioner A K Sharma said, “The terrorists had entered the passenger hall, opened fire and thrown grenades.”

He told MiD DAY that the police had to resort to firing three rounds, but could not overpower the terrorists inside CST. At least 10 people were killed at the station.

Trident Hotel
Meanwhile, the firing continued at the Trident Hotel lobby. DGP AN Roy said, “Two of the terrorists, armed with ammunition, had holed up in the hotel. But a blast took place at the hotel after 40 commandos stormed the hotel a little after 11.30 pm.

Cama Hospital
The shootout later escalated into explosions, with 3 blasts at Cama Hospital, 2 on Napean Sea Road, 2 at Nariman Point, 2 inside CST, 2 outside the terminus, one at a petrol pump in Colaba and one in a cab near the domestic airport. The terrorists also lobbed a grenade at a police van.

The injured were rushed to GT Hospital near CST, but soon after that there was firing in the hospital’s backyard as well. This area was also thrown into chaos with explosions going off every 10-15 minutes and consistent firing.

Afzal Guru connection?
Sources in New Delhi informed
that NSG experts fear the terrorists may ask for the release of terror mastermind Afzal Guru. Experts believe that the terrorists are planning to take foreign tourists hostage from tourist hotspots in the city to negotiate the release of  Guru.

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