Day Baby old girl found in Kalina

A day-old baby was found abandoned in a garbage dump near the Kalina campus of Mumbai University on Monday. The baby is healthy and hasbeen sent to V N Desai Hospital by the Vakola police.

The police said the baby girl was dumped just a few hours after delivery. A case has been registered against an unknown person and the officials are trying to trace the baby’s relatives.

At 10 am on Monday, some people at Manipada noticed the baby crying in the garbage dump and informed the police control room. The baby was wrapped in a plastic sheet. The police questioned the residents of the area, asking them if they had seen any suspicious woman in the area. They are also inquiring with nearby maternity hospitals about pregnant women recently admitted for delivery. The police said they were also questioning stall owners near the university.

Senior police inspector S G Nekalikar of Vakola police station said, “It’s very difficult for any one to notice such a thing as several people dump garbage every day.”

The officials have not ruled out the possibility of a woman from a different part of the city coming to Kalina to dump her unwanted child.

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