WiFi will help BMC save power, earn carbon credits

The WiFi system will not only enable seamless e-connectivity, it will also help the BMC save a substantial amount of power by better monitoring of streetlights, electric pumping stations and water meters, say experts. And thereby, earn carbon credits.

According to experts, a lot of energy and power gets wasted due to inadequate monitoring. The wireless system—which will eliminate the necessity of connecting devices to cables—is expected to keep tabs on wastage of resources.

According to Jitendra Shah, consultant to BMC’s WiFi plan, special devices will be set up at places where BMC power is being used the most, including streetlights and water meters.

“These devices will be tuned to fit that particular power-using system such as an electric pump, streetlight or water meter. The systems will be constantly monitored and whenever there is unnecessary usage, the device will send out signals to the main monitoring room. Once the information is emitted, the control room can immediately switch off the light or the electricity meter,” he said.

Cyber expert Vijay Mukhi corroborated the feasibility of this mission by explaining the concept with an example.

“This is widely used at large airports where several bulb lights are kept on. There are small devices, often cameras, that keep a check on the necessity of having a particular bulb on,” he said. “If it realises it is not necessary, the signal is transmitted to the main monitoring room, which in turn switches off the bulb,” he added.

However, he had a word of advice. “The system should be cost-effective. If one is to buy just one piece, it becomes very expensive and nobody will avail of it. It has to be done in a large quantity.”

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