7.30 am shows for call centre staff

In an attempt to reach out to people who work in the BPO sector, Fame Cinemas, Malad, has started 7.30 am shows from this Friday. These early shows will be screened in three screens, each of which will show a different movie and will be priced at Rs 70.

Says Abhishek Raina, assistant vice president of marketing and advertising sales, Fame Cinemas, “Malad is a prime location of BPO companies and ours is the biggest multiplex in that area. We introduced early morning shows for the convenience of BPO employees so that they can catch up on a movie as soon as their shift gets over, which is around that time. They can go home after that. Otherwise, they usually miss their entertainment portion.”

As for the low ticket price, Raina says that the idea is to provide convenience as well as keep a reasonable rate that will not pinch their pockets.

The multiplex expects 50 to 60 per cent of the seats to be filled. “It will pick up via word of mouth,” says Raina optimistically. In fact, Fame has screened movies at around 8 am earlier too. “We had kept 7.55 and 8 am shows when OSO and Sawaariya released in our Andheri multiplex. And more than 70 per cent of our seats filled up. In Kandivli too,
we had kept 8 am shows on a temporary basis for college students,” says Raina.

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