Jellyfish sting picnickers at Juhu

Around 22 people reported skin rashes after they were stung by jellyfish at the Juhu beach on Monday 14th July 2008. The picnickers, who had gone for a swim, came out with mild swellings in addition to a burning sensation. Some of them even experienced some pain in the abdomen. While most of the victims went home, a few visited Cooper Hospital and were administered first-aid.

Cooper Hospital officials said on Sunday 13th July 2008, too, more than 30 people were treated after they were stung by jellyfish at the beach. Around 30 adults were administered first-aid and discharged immediately. Also, nine children were admitted and kept in the paediatric ward for a few hours.

Local fishermen, who said they had been creating awareness about the toxins produced by these fish, had also been advising people to stay away from them. They said most of the victims rubbed lemon on the affected parts on their advice in order to reduce the swelling.

The fishermen said jellyfish being found on the shore was a regular phenomenon, but the number spotted this year was unusually high.

Meanwhile, the jellyfish found off the beach at the Girgaum Chowpatty had been shovelled out by the civic authorities and disposed of at the Deonar dumping ground.

Local fishermen, who had tipped off the police about the sudden appearance of thousands of jellyfish, said a majority of the creatures had probably been sucked back into the sea due to the high tide.

Police officials deployed at the spot said most of the jellyfish had been removed on Sunday despite it being a holiday. This was done in order to protect picnickers.

“We did not want to take any chances especially after a swimmer was injured on 13th July 2008Sunday and felt severe pain,” said a police official.

MPCB officials have collected samples of the water and sent them for testing.

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