‘The bridge is shaped like a man with folded arms’

Shashank Rao speaks to Seshadri Srinivasan, the man who conceptualised and designed the 11-km Bandra-Worli Sea Link


Seshadri Srinivasan
Chief designer of the Bandra-Worli Sea Link 
The engineers are working hard and fast on the Bandra-Worli Sea Link to ensure it’s open to public by January 2009. Fifteen days ago, the gap in the bridge (left) was wide. But yesterday when MiD DAY’s Shashank Rao visited the bridge, the gap was down to a mere 300 mm. PICS/BIPIN KOKATE, SANDEEP MAHANKAL


1. What made you select this design for the bridge?
Every design needs to be site specific and reflect the surroundings.

The 129-m cable-stayed bridge is in the shape of a man with folded palms facing the sun on the east. Such details make the structure stand out.

Initially, the design was plain, like any other bridge with a single pillar supporting the sea link. But it wasn’t attractive.

2. What difficulties did you face?
There were issues like convincing fishermen at Worli and environment clearances.

We shouldn’t fear apprehensions, but clear such stages tactfully. Criticising is not the solution. It was also difficult for us to go ahead during the monsoon. But as long as there is a will, problems can be solved.

3. The cost has spiralled. Comment
If you want a spectacular structure for your city, you need to overcome difficulties. The issue of increasing costs is similar to the situation in your house when you are ready to buy expensive furniture, even though you cannot afford it, just to make it beautiful. So, you should bear this additional cost.

Cables on each side 

Rs 1,600 crore
The cost of the project

Lanes on each side

Jan 2009
That’s when one section of the bridge will be open for use

July 2009
When the second section is expected to be open to public

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