He hasn’t taken a break in 17 years

BEST wants to enter employee Sudhir Narayan Shastri into Guinness World Records for full attendance throughout his career


AARAM HARAAM HAI: Sudhir Narayan Shastri works for around 12 to 14 hours every day. PIC/VEDIKA TRIPATHI

Government employees are notorious for their lazy work style. But Sudhir Narayan Shastri, secretary of the BEST committee, has broken the mould and how.

He has not taken a single day’s leave in his 17-year-seven-month career with the BEST. He has also attended all, except one, of the 671 committee meetings during his stint as secretary.

To applaud Shastri’s dedication, BEST Committee Chairmen Pravin Chheda has now recommended his name for the Guinness World Record. BEST had earlier entered Shastri’s achievement of full attendance in committee meetings in the Limca Book of Records 2003.

Shastri, who will retire on May 31, said, “I never thought of setting a record. I just didn’t taking leave unofficially, as I feel one must be sincere towards his job. We get one leave a week and that’s enough.” He works for around 12 to 14 hours a day.

Since 1977

Shastri joined the Statistics department of BEST in 1977. Since then, he has worked in various departments. He was made secretary to the BEST committee on November 1, 1990. “Since then, I have attended all committee meetings, except one on 29 June, 2006, when I was too ill to even walk. I don’t know how the idea of the record came up, but I am thankful to Chheda for recognising my efforts,” he said.

An HR official from BEST confirmed Shastri’s impeccable record. “He is very sincere. Even if it’s a holiday, or he has some other work, he makes sure that he is present at the committee meetings.”

Family support

Shastri’s diligence was fully supported by his family two sons and wife. His wife Shaileja said, “There were times when I wanted him to stay home, but considering his dedication, I had never forced him to take leave.” Shastri plans to do social work after retirement.

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