Mumbai Encounter Squad

The Mumbai Encounter Squad is a part of Mumbai’s police force consisting of high profile officers from the Detection Unit active in Mumbai. The squad primarily deals with members of the Mumbai underworld and other criminal gangs. This is a Tit-For-Tat technique used by the Indian police to kill those criminals who use loopholes in justice system to escape.

The Mumbai police’s Crime Branch has a force of around 1500+ men, which is controlled by Joint Commissioner of Mumbai Police. The Detection Unit at the Crime Branch is considered most important which directly deals with the underworld and terrorists. Fourteen units, including crime intelligence unit, fingerprint unit work with the detection unit. The expertise of Detection Unit is used controlling Mumbai

The Encounter squad came into prominence in 80’s and 90’s when they started dealing with Dawood Ibrahim’s gang, also known as D-Company. After cracking 1993 Mumbai Bomb blasts case, this squad has played instrumental role in controlling Dawood Ibrahim, Chota Rajan Ashvin Nike,Ravi Pujari and Arun Gawli gangs in Mumbai.

One of first encounters happened in January 1982 when gangster Manya surve was killed at Wadala area. Famous killing of Maya Dolas in the Shootout at Lokhandwala bought focus on this unit for first time. 400+ [4] criminals from different gangs were killed by this squad in Encounter Killings in last decade.

The squad was dissolved after Dawood and Chota Rajan (two rival dons) ran out of India to save themselves being targeted by sharp shooters from rival gangs and from encounter squad. Recent Mumbai Train blasts has triggered re-organization of the squad. [3]

Presently Vijay Salaskar heads the Anti-Extortion Cell, Mumbai. [5]Active Inspectors in Encounter Squad and Encounter killings count

Pradeep Sharma – 104

Daya Nayak – 87

Praful Bhosale – 77

Ravindra Angre – 51

Sachin Hindurao Vaze – 48

Vijay Salaskar – 40+ [6]

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  1. shrikanth Says:

    keep up the good work!!
    clean the mess at once!!
    v r with u…

  2. tushar Says:

    we proud encounter specalist Mr Praful Bhosle.

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