Campion School

Campion School is a private Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School located in South Mumbai (also Bombay), India. Campion School is a boys’ school founded in January 1943 by Rev.Fr.Joseph Savall of the Jesuits and named after St.Edmund Campion. The purpose of this school is not merely to impart instruction but to educate the boys as a whole – intellectual spiritual physical emotional and social and the formation of an upright citizen and a perfect gentleman. Campion works to turn out persons of conscience, competence, compassion and commitment.

Special efforts are made to teach students to:

  • Be unselfish in the service of fellowmen
  • Be clear and firm in principles and courageous in action
  • Become mature spiritually oriented men of character
  • Value and judicially use their freedom
  • Strive continually towards excellence in every field

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There are a number of organizations in the school:

The House System: One of the main objectives of the House System is to foster in the students a sense of collective responsibility and solidarity and at the same time to enkindle and develop the social qualities latent in every child. It is the House System that channelises discipline in the School and school life with all its complex curricular and co-curricula activities and directs the energies and talents of students.

The original three houses of the School are:

  • The Britto House (Red), whose motto is – “Unity is Strength” – named after St.John de Britto
  • The Xavier House (Blue), whose motto is – “Never Give in” – named after St.Francis Xavier

A fourth house was added in the nineties: The Berchmans House (Yellow) whose motto is – “Service before self” – named after St.John Berchmans

Boys are assigned to a House when they join the School and they may not change their House without the permission of the Principal.

The School Council: It is a body established to put into practices the aims and objectives of the House System. The Council is made up of the School Captain and his Assistant, the House Prefects and their Assistants, the Leaders, the Class Monitor of the upper classes, and representatives of the various activities and organizations. It is purely an advisory body.

Among the School Organizations are the following:

  • 43rd East Bombay Cub Packs: The aims and objectives of the movement are reverence to God and selfless service to the Country and humanity in general. They are attained by developing the character of Cubs and trying to mould them into good and useful citizens. Selection of recruits for five Cub Pack is made from the Primary section.
  • 43rd East Bombay Scout Troop: The selection of recruits for the Scout Troop is made in the Secondary section. As a rule, students who have been cubs before, are given preference The Scout motto is “BE PREPARED”.
  • The 19th Mah. Junior N.C.C. Air Wing and the 21st Troop Junior N.C.C. Naval Unit 1st Mah. Bn. Wing: The N.C.C. aim is to develop leadership, character, comradeship, the sprit of sportsmanship and the ideal of service to create disciplined and trained man-power, which in a national emergency could hit of assistance to the Country; and to provide training for students with a view to developing in them officer-like qualities, thus enabling them to obtain commissions in the Armed Forces.
  • The Road Safety Patrol (R.S.P.): Its motto is “We live to serve” It aims at developing character, comradeship, the ideal of service and capacity for leadership in young men and women; providing service training to young men and women so as to stimulate interest in the safety of the people from accidents; building up potential officers to enable the Police Force to expand at the time of emergency; and inculcating discipline among the students.
  • The Junior Red Cross: It trains its members to care for their own health and that of others, to help the sick and suffering, especially children, and to look upon other children all over the world as their friends.
  • The Interact Club: It is a Junior branch of the Rotary movement and aims at fostering a sense of social concern and international understanding among young students by insisting on constructive leadership recognition and thoughtfulness of others and awareness of the importance of home and family. It undertakes various relief projects on behalf of the underprivileged.
  • Sanskar: It provides an opportunity to the students to follow and understand the cultural values of our ancient Indian Civilization and aspires to inculcate the noble ideals of our cultural heritage in young minds by organizing various cultural activities both within the School as well as in collaboration with other schools and organizations with similar aims.
  • Nature Club of India: It represents the Youth Wing of the World Wildlife Fund. Its aim is to make India’s children aware of the great economic, cultural and aesthetic value of national resources by spreading interest and knowledge about its wildlife rivers, forests and other natural resources.
  • Elocution, Debating and Dramatics: The aim is the training of students from the earliest years in the art of public speaking orderly and, gentlemanly argumentation, and discovering and, developing dramatic talent among the students of the higher classes. To stimulate interest in this important branch of education prizes are awarded annually to the best individual speakers both in English and in Hindi and to the best Class and House in Inter-Class, Inter-House Elocution, Dramatic and General Knowledge competitions.
  • The Campion Review: It is issued on a half yearly basis to foster the literary talent of the students. The Journal is managed by an Editorial Board and provides, a wide range of news reports.
  • School Band: Instituted by the late Fr. E.F. More, S.J. it has been revived since 1996 under an experienced Band Master. The band plays at our various School functions viz. ‘Republic Day parade, Independence Day and Annual Athletic Meet.
  • Audio-Visual Instruction: An Audio-Visual Instruction Room is used for practical and demonstration work. The screening of educational films and documentaries is a regular feature. The Video Cassette Recorder is also installed here so that useful tapes can be screened.
  • Games and Sports: The school has a Gymnasium where all boys of the Senior School have a planned programme of physical education. The boys play basketball, football, cricket, badminton, table-tennis and lawn tennis. There are annual meets for athletics aquatics and a Junior Sports Festival.
  • Excursions: From time to time excursions and educational tours are -organized. In all these activities the principles of honesty, co-operation, truth, self-reliance and hard work are included. Keen co-operation on the playground tends to develop sportsmanship, manliness and a healthy spirit of emulation. A high level of individual performance is encouraged, but the spirit of team work is strongly insisted upon.Campionites see themselves as:
    • hardworking, setting goals and standards;
    • academically confident;
    • persistent in their efforts to reach personal goals;
    • socially co-operative and
    • able to accept and meet personal responsibilities.

    They take pride in these traditions:

    • never knowingly to injure anyone’s person, feelings or property in any manner.
    • never to make fun of the old, idiots, the poor, machados, the less fortunate and the handicapped.
    • always to respect the religious beliefs of others,
      to accept victory or defeat sportingly.
    • to value courage and endurance, to play fairly and courteously.
    • to be careful of personal cleanliness and to avoid vulgarity in talk and behavior.
    • to offer help to any unattended visitor whom they may meet on the school premises.
    • to greet any priest, teacher or visitor who enters or passes through the room in which we are.
    • to realize that hard, persevering, systematic and personal effort is the main ingredient of real success, especially in studies.
    • always to remember that “Please”, “Thank You” and “Sorry” are among the most beautiful words in the dictionary.
    • ever to be conscious that true nobility consists in being honest and sincere, decent and gentlemanly in speech, behavior and action.An association, The Campion School Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), has been formed for the purpose of integrating the harmonious development of the students both at home and at school. The role of the PTA is to promote mutual cooperation and understanding between parents and teachers of the school.

      The PTA confines its activities to the objects of the Association which are expected to be in consonance with those of the Campion High School Society. Parents participate in specific activities of the PTA on a voluntary basis. The Association as well as its individual members are expected to adhere to the guidelines laid down by the school and avoid any interference in the day to day running of the School. It encourages all the parents to be the members of PTA.

      The School Anthem-Campion Calls, a must know for every Campionites embodies the spirit and main goals of the institution:

      Campion calls, Campion calls to courage and high chivalry;
      Campion calls, Campion calls to shared responsibility;
      To peace, love, and charity; to honor truth and loyalty;
      Campion calls, Campion calls, Campion calls to you and me.
      Fair School, thy gracious gifts of mind and soul let me not miss;
      We pray that all Thy sons may reach their goal: eternal bliss.
      There is a challenge every man must meet who walks by day,
      But Campion steers me lest my wandering feet from grace should stray.
      Campion calls, Campion calls to courage and high chivalry;
      Campion calls, Campion calls to share responsibility;
      To peace, love, and charity; to honor truth and loyalty;
      Campion calls, Campion calls, Campion calls to you and me.

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