“Women will rule”

It’s all about the women this year. Women will rule. This entire century will bloom in every field because of women. Be it home or office, politics or entertainment. I sincerely respect the power, sacrifice and courage of the female power myself. One night during my moment of revelations with God, I learnt that ‘devi maa’ will conquer the world through her splendid glory. As I was writing my conversation with God and I wrote Ganeshji will support this year through its turbulent times. Next morning to my surprise the letters changed and it was the Goddess in its place.

Although I never learnt astrology professionally, I started practising astrology from the age of 20. I believe it came to me naturally. When I was five years old, girls in their teens would ask me if they would pass their exams, I would pray to God to give me the power to predict. On the basis of that I have predicted many events in the world like the victory of Indira Gandhi, Morarji Desai and V P Singh; the death of Sanjay Gandhi, the fall of Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination, the January 2001 earthquake, and the victory of the BJP.

When I think of Mumbai in terms astrology, it is rather calculative, the things that are synonymous with the city are Bollywood, sports and finance, which denote Leo and Taurus respectively. Since Mumbai is an island, it is water which is Scorpio, thus denoting that it’s a city meant for victory and power. I also feel this year MCGM will shape-up splendidly.

Finally my duty as Ganesha’s son is to help and heal the pain of others. I wish to devote my life from here onwards to the grievances of others.

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