Airoli is the fifth most developed node of Navi Mumbai. It is easily connected to Navi Mumbais most developed nodes Vashi and Nerul.Airoli is a suburb in the city of Navi Mumbai. Airoli is well-connected by S.T. Buses, NMMT buses and BEST buses. In addition to that limited railway services are also available. Around 21 min by bus and 8-10 min by train from Thane and 20 min from Bhandup, or Mulund. It is also accessible by the Thane-Vashi railway link.

Its geographical location is Latitude: 19.155 N (IMD) Longitude: 73.007 E (IMD) The approximate lenghth in kilometeris: 24.9 km. The best way of travelling to Airoli is by the Thane-Vashi railway line from either Thane or Vashi; or by bus from Mulund east / Vashi.

You can catch Bus No 100 (NMMT) or Bus No 513 (BEST) from Mulund (East) to reach Airoli.

Airoli has a few industries, a small residential population and one engineering college, the Datta Meghe College. Datta Meghe college or just the ‘Datta Meghe’ as it is known is Airoli is one of the best colleges in Navi Mumbai. One diploma college also there in Airoli named Shreeram Polytechnic.Recently, a number of news schools have sprung up in the area like New Horizon Public School(CBSE Board), DAV Public School etc.

The Airoli Mulund Bridge

The Airoli Mulund Bridge

Real estate prices are booming in Airoli. Previously considered as a middle class locality, Airoli was always within the reach of the common man. Now the Airoli Knowledge Park is contributing to growth. Patni Computer Systems has set up new center here.Hexaware

Thane creeks View from Airoli mulund bridge

Thane creeks View from Airoli mulund bridge

Much of the success of Airoli should be attributed to the Mulund-Airoli bridge. Mulund is Mumbai’s thriving suburb and being connected to Mulund via Mulund-Airoli bridge really made Airoli more accessible. Earlier, even Datta Meghe college students found it tough to commute from Thane station. NMMT Buses were introduced which made Airoli a familiar place in Navi Mumbai. However, the Mulund-Airoli bridge and the recently started train service from Thane has really put Airoli on the map of Navi Mumbai.

On the west Airoli is directly connected to the Nahur station of the Central Railways by Mulund-Airoli bridge. Airoli is developing city. Two new malls are taking place in Airoli, one of them is in sector 8 Ripplez mall, and other one is taking place in sector 9A near HP Gas godown that is DMART.

In few years Hiranandani complex is going to build in Airoli.

Airoli has two villages Airoli Village and Diva Village, this is where the native inhabitants of this place now reside. The rest of the Area was developed by CIDCO (City Industrial Development Corporation) and later on handed over to NMMC (Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation) for administration. Airoli is divided into 28 sectors.

Airoli Railway station as well as the Airoli Bus Depot are located at Sector 3.

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  1. Rajesh Gupta Says:

    There should be facility of BEST bus service from Airoli to
    Seepz, MIDC Andheri (E)
    As bus no 445 is coming from Andheri to Bhandup this bus should extend to Airoli via easter express highway

  2. Manohar Rana Says:

    I am coming to mumbai and will be staying at sector 20 Airoli.
    My office will be in Hiranandani Park, Powai.
    Kindly advise what are the options I can have to go to office and how much time approx it will take.

    Manohar Rana

  3. suhani Says:

    i want to know wer is sector 12 in airoli

  4. JAYSHREE Says:


  5. Subrata Says:

    Hi All,
    I want to buy 2bhk flat in Airoli at 20-30 lakhs, can i have any contact details within my budget.

  6. Vijay Says:

    I want to have friends for hanging out , Any one there

  7. Vijay Says:

    I want to have friends at Navi Mumbai for going to movies, malls and pubs, any one there ? vari2707 at gmail

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