Carpooling is a shared use of a private car, in particular for commuting to and from work and other purposes, often by car owners (drivers) and people (passengers) traveling to the same destination by other means of transport. There are often times when car owners have empty seats in their car because they don’t know of anyone who needs a lift.

This can, be avoided by using our carpool network where one-to-one matching is done automatically; the driver and passenger have to simply accept the match done by the system. Due to the nature of carpooling it is most appropriate for pre-planned or regular journeys including:

  • Getting to and from work.

  • Getting to the airport, railway stations

  • Traveling to a festival, temples, marriage, big event or show.

 How Carpool Works?

What are the costs of carpooling? has no influence upon the journey price. Fundamentally, there are no fees charged for mediation, neither do driver and passenger pay a share of journey costs or other similar charges to

carpoolindia suggests that drivers and passengers split the cost of petrol. On there is a journey price calculator. This is not binding. It should simply give an approximate indication. The driver has the final word on the setting of the journey price. It is therefore recommended that contact your driver directly and always clear the issue of cost prior to the journey.


2. How can I get involved?

The service is available to anyone who travels in MUMBAI – Commuters, people on the school run, festival goers, marriages, employees, businesses.

And joining the scheme is simple and completely FREE. All you have to do is register your details (for security reasons).

Once you’ve registered you journey and submitted the information we’ll search the database for possible matches and give you the details of other people going your way.

You can contact any suitable travelling companions via their e-mail (this ensures members privacy) and arrange to meet them at a collection point that suits you both. Make sure you both bring I.D. so you both know you’re meeting the right person.

3. When can I Carpool?

Because of the organization involved, car sharing is most appropriate for pre-planned or regular journeys, including:

  • Getting to and from work
  • Doing the weekly shop
  • Getting the children to school
  • Traveling to a festival, big event or show
  • Simply visiting friends

4. What are the chances of finding a perfect match to my requirements?

Thousands of people have had success in finding traveling companions using carpoolindia, and our system has been designed to identify all possible ways of getting you from a to b.

If, however, you’re having difficulty in finding a match, we suggest that you look for a travelling companion for part of your journey, and do the rest on public transport.

And remember – the more members we have, the greater the chance of finding an exact match. So make sure you tell your friends about carpoolindia, and get them to register their journeys a.s.a.p.

5. Do I have to pay to search for drivers or passengers?
It is completely free to search for travelling companions.

6. How do I contact the driver/passenger?

Having filled in your details to us via phone, fax, mail, we will search the database for possible matches. Once a suitable travelling match is made, we will contact you with the match details, you should make contact (to agree a time and place to meet) using their e-mail address and phone number. We do not recommend that you exchange home addresses (for security reasons), and we advise all members to meet in public locations such as a train station or bus station, which are easy to get to and away from, should the lift fail.

7. What happens if my
Carpool fails?

carpoolindia is solely a travel information service provider and we cannot be held responsible for any journeys that don’t work out as planned. Likewise the drivers and passengers who register their journeys with us are under no legal obligation to their traveling companions or to car-share to make any journeys.

However we hope that if plans change and journeys can’t be made, that all affected parties will be contacted and forewarned with appropriate notice. We also suggest that travelling companions arrange to meet at locations close to public transport networks, so that if plans fall through the passengers have the option of using an alternative form of transport to get to their destination on time.

8. How safe is car sharing?

The safety of our members is a priority for carpoolindia,. All members’ details are stored securely in the database and only the members’ intended travel information can be accessed on-line. offers the safe user service. Members who have registered as such are specially highlighted by a symbol (Castle). Safe users have a checked copy of their personal identity saved with us. During establishment of contact, take note of the safe-user symbol. Are you interested in obtaining a “safe user” symbol yourself? Here you become a safe user.

When it comes to travelling, every member is responsible for his or her own safety

However we do recommend that member’s follow some simple security measures outlined below:

  • Avoid exchanging home addresses with your travelling companion before you meet them.
  • If possible, get in touch with your driver/passengers via telephone prior to the journey.
  • Arrange to meet in a public place.
  • Inform a friend or family member of who you will be travelling with, when and to where. Please take note of the driver’s name with contact details such as Email-Address and telephone number. Leave the details with friends/ relatives.
  • Make sure you show each other your I.D.s – passports, student cards or driving licences – so you know you’re travelling with the right person.
  • You are under no obligation to go ahead with any Carpool. If you have any doubts about your traveling companion, for any reason, you should avoid travelling with them.
  • Inform yourself on the length of the journey and tell someone at the point of destination your approximate time of arrival. Inform this person of any obstacles e.g. through traffic jams or breakdowns.
  • If you have any problems please call us immediately on and we will endeavour help in any way that we can.
  • Keep your mobile phone charged and within reach.

For more information about safety and security of personal information please read
Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy

9. How do I become a safe user?
Simply send us a copy of you Personal Identity in a fax or Email, You can find the contact details for this here

10. Is it possible to find travelling companions of the same sex? (Single sex travelling i.e. Only females)

Yes, we have a all male or female car sharing schemes.

11. Where should I arrange to meet my travelling companions?

We recommend that you meet your travelling companions at a public place, close to public transport networks if possible so that alternative transport options are available should the lift fall through. We advise members not to meet at a home address for security reasons.

12. How to make a complaint about somebody.

You can evaluate other users through carpoolindia evaluation, you can accordingly draw attention to individuals.

Should you, however, wish to make a concrete complaint about a particular user, you can contact us via Support Mail to make your complaint. will not accept unserious and unreliable users. Should become informed of such behavior, the member concerned would be barred from the service.

We reserve the right to make legal steps and claims.

General rules of conduct offers its services on the apparently anonymous worldwide Web. But real people are behind each search and offer. In order to avoid possible difficulties and misunderstandings, there are some very simple rules, which simplify cooperation.

Be reliable

If you have made arrangements to meet other users, please try to stick to these arrangements. Other members rely on you and there is nothing more annoying than somebody not turning up for a journey.

If, as a driver or passenger, are unavailable at any point, pass this information on in good time!

Agree upon waiting times when picking someone up or being picked up.

Be fair

As a driver, pay attention to the fairness of the price. The service of is not meant to be used for profitable purposes. As a passenger, be aware that most drivers know how much they can charge for a journey. Apart from this, the price changes according to the number of passengers and type of vehicle. Therefore, clear any queries regarding the price prior to the journey.

The cost of any diversions should be agreed upon before the journey begins. Each driver should make the final decisions in his own car. (Smoking!) Do not double- book!

Consider the following: You expect others to treat you well, so you do the same! will not tolerate any unreliable or unserious users

Should any member’s cause you trouble; you can send your complaint to via then informs and blocks the members if necessary.

Keep your offers here up to date
In the interest of yourself and other users, keep your entries up to date. This prevents possible frustration for both sides!
By doing this you avoid being contacted about old entries which are no longer valid (Telephone, SMS)

Someone interested attempts in vain to find out about an offer, which is no longer valid. Our system automatically deletes offers after they expire. Unfortunately, some invalid entries do appear which have been given wrong dates.

We are grateful for any information relating to this

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