Sealink route has experts worried

What will happen to traffic when the Bandra-Worli sealink is completed in 2009? While planners and government officials discuss ways of building bridges and roads above the sea and even below it from Worli-Haji Ali-Nariman Point, a potential bottleneck is developing at the Worli end.

The issue has come up for discussion at various city fora and the state empowered committee, headed by the chief secretary, has also taken note of it. The eight-lane Bandra-Worli sealink will be ready in 20 months.

What will happen to traffic heading to Worli after that, will it be allowed to end up in long jams on the 16-lane roadway of this modern bridge, is the question transport consultants are asking.

Narinder Nayar, a member of the empowered committee, said an experts group was appointed to examine the issue but no decision has been taken.

Government officials are talking of an underground tunnel from Priyadarshini Park, which goes under Malabar Hill and on to Marine Drive, which might be more cost effective than an over sea bridge. There is also talk of an undersea road along the coast from Worli to Marine Drive. These remain at the discussion level.

Transport consultants say any decision taken will take several years to implement. What will then happen to the stream of cars on the six-lane bridge which come up to Worli, they ask. It will cram up Pedder Road as there will be no outlet, they say. MSRDC officials say a solution will be found. var RN = new String (Math.random()); var RNS = RN.substring (2,11); var b2 = ‘ ‘; if (doweshowbellyad==1) bellyad.innerHTML = b2;