Kaizer Foundation

Kaizer-The Talent Transformation Certification is a fresh and unique approach to be an effective Trainer. In this train the trainer course, you learn to communicate as a Trainer on a global level using practical proven techniques that dramatically improve the quality of your Training.

Certified Course Content
·       Learning Styles And Classroom Management
·       Spoken English
·       Teaching Aids
·       Content And Resources
·       Cultural Content
·       Action Plan- Lesson Planning
·       Feedback On Presentational  Skills

·       Certified Trainer By Kaizer
·       Personalized Attention
·       Extensive Practice Session
·       Situational Role Plays
·       Evaluations Through Tests

    30000 Trainers Required In 2008 In India
    Kaizer Has Trained  2,000 Trainers

·       Attention FREE ACCOMODATION In Mumbai

For further details

Head Office: Kaizer foundation
            D-608,Crystal Plaza,
            Andheri Link Road
            Opp.Fame Adlabs,
            Tel:  26733504/05/06

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2 Responses to “Kaizer Foundation”

  1. anuj jain Says:

    i would like to do the certification for Train the Trainer course could you please send me the information for this.
    Thank you

  2. Ruchi M Says:


    Pls call on 9819820683

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