Mumbaikars spend Rs 100 cr on firecrackers

DESPITE the Rs 1 lakh fine on noisy crackers, Mumbaikars spent over
Rs 100 crore on firecrackers this Diwali.

This, after the sales dropped compared to last year. Multishot crackers are in great demand as they are less noisy.

This year, around 125 varieties of firecrackers are available in the market. The costliest among the lot is the 280-multishot cracker that costs Rs 9,000.

Oh! Kolkata at Rs 5,000 is popular among youngsters. Its 500 colours last for about 500 seconds with absolutely no sound. Dhulk-Dhulk and Coronation Jadugar, as usual, are in demand.

Vice President of the Firecracker Welfare Association (Mumbai and Thane), Bhai Shinagre, said, “The demand for noisy crackers has gone down, but fancy items have attracted people across Mumbai and Thane.

We have done a business of about Rs 60 crore this year, which is lower than last year.”

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