St Anne’s High School

St. Annes High School and Junior College is a Catholic school in Orlem, Malad, Mumbai,India, in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Mumbai.
In the city of Mumbai, it is known for its excellence in sports, particularly in football and hockey.

St. Anne’s High School was established in the year 1915. It is attached to Our Lady of Lourdes Church at Orlem under. Initially founded as a school for boys, it is currently a co-educational institution.

In the early 1990s, during the tenure of the Principal Dr. Fr. Clifton Lobo, much of the school’s structure was redeveloped and redesigned. He had a closed-circuit television system installed in every classroom; St. Anne’s was the first in Mumbai to have such a system, and perhaps the second in India. Fr. Lobo is still remembered for his progressive achievements. People like to join the school

The majority of students are from the localities of Malad, Kandivali & Goregaon.

The school is famous for its focus on extra-curriculur activities, particularly in football. The school has won many football tournaments. It has produced national level field hockey players.It also has a Junior college and it matches all the criteria for bieng the best.

There is a football field and a basketball court on the school premises.

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  1. Deepa N Sarode Says:

    I am an ex student of the school passed out in the year 1987 from the 10th standard. Just wanted to know any ex-members alumini happening in the school.

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