Nowhere to run

Mobile thief fleeing after stealing a cell phone would have got away had it not been  for a railway  cop — a  marathon runner 

BRAVE COP: Railway constable J R Waghmare nabbed Abdulla Khan (inset), who stole mobiles to celebrate Ramzan. Here he demonstrates to our photographer how he caught the thief

Abdulla Khan (21), a cell phone thief, thought he could get away with yet another robbery, but this time, luck did not favour him.

He had finally met his match with railway cop, J R Waghmare, the avenging angel who refused a tempting bribe and did what his conscience told him.

The incident happened on the evening of September 20, at Dadar railway station. (See sketches alongside for the story as it unfolded). 

At the police station, Khan was identified as a history-sheeter with cases registered against him at Kurla and Dadar railway police stations, three years ago. Inspector K G Gavit of Dadar police station said of the seven cell phones found on Khan, “We have identified five mobile owners through the IMEI numbers and two phones’ owners are yet to be identified.

The matter is being investigated.”  The victim, Nilesh Kale, said, “My mobile phone had all my contact details and I had no backup. Thanks to Waghmare, Khan was nabbed.”

Added Railway Police Commissioner Ashok Kumar Sharma, “Police constable Waghmare has done an exemplary job and will be suitably rewarded for his bravery.

At the same time, I would like to appeal to commuters and policemen who are on duty on platforms to take the initiative like constable Waghmare to prevent crimes on the tracks.”

Khan, a tourist driver, said he needed the money to celebrate Ramzan. “My target was to steal 15 mobiles that evening, but luck was not in my favour,” he said.

Garment exporter Nilesh Kale (33) from Dombivli was returning home at 7.30 pm

Suddenly he realises his cell phone, a Nokia N-73, is missing. Looking around the compartment, he spots a man (Abdulla Khan), collars him and finds three cell phones on him.

Khan jumps on the tracks and makes a run for it. Hundreds of commuters and the cops on the platform watch him fleeing  and… continue watching.

Enter railway police constable  J R Waghmare

This is no ordinary cop. Waghmare ran a 22-km marathon in Nanded and is also a karate expert. He runs after him and nabs Khan in minutes.

Khan tries to bribe him with the three mobiles, but honest Waghmare simply hauls him off to the waiting cops where seven high-end mobile phones valued at   Rs 73,200 are  recovered from him.

A man with a criminal childhood

Khan says he learned to steal as a child, starting off at home with the money pinched from his father’s kurta.

Practice makes one perfect and Khan began trying his skills on strangers.

He was jailed for three months and had decided to give up stealing, but confessed that circumstances made it impossible.

 courtesy Mid-Day

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