HC suggests relocation of Siddhivinayak

  Adding a new angle to the debate over the security wall surrounding the famous Siddhivinayak Temple in Mumbai, the Bombay High Court today suggested that relocating the temple could be an option, in view of the apprehension that terrorists could target it . However, it was a mere observation and there is no direction in this regard. A PIL filed by Vinod Desai and other residents of the Prabhadevi area where the temple is located, has taken objection to the security wall around the temple that was built when the police apprehended an Akshardham-like attack on the temple. The PIL contends that the wall blocks off three roads in the area, causing immense inconvenience to the residents. The matter today came up before division bench of Justices J Patel and Amjed Sayed. In the course of hearing, Justice Patel asked the government pleader, “Why can’t you relocate the temple?” The security agencies and the state home department should give it a thought, the judge said. Justice Patel also said that a wall might not prevent a terrorist attack. “What if tomorrow somebody goes up to a terrace of a high-rise in the area and uses a rocket launcher?” he asked. The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, through a resolution passed in June approved the closing off of the roads around the temple, located in the heart of the city. However petitioner’s lawyer Sanghraj Rupwate said he wanted to amend his petition, for the purpose of opposing the said amendment. Court has granted two weeks for carrying out the amendment.

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