Bombay Times

The Bombay Times is a free supplement of The Times of India, in the Mumbai (formerly Bombay) region.

It covers celebrity news, news features, international and national music news, international and national fashion news, lifestyle and feature articles pegged on news events both national and international that have local interest value. The main paper covers national news. Over ten years of presence, it is has become a benchmark for the Page 3 social scene.

It is known for frothy coverage of parties, lifestyle events and feature stories in the city of Mumbai. At worst, certain disgruntled critics dismiss it as a paper that “isn’t serious”, but its popularity and brand value among its target audience is undeniable. The front page of the paper is one of the most eagerly-read pages in the city of Mumbai.

Recently, it included feature stories which were sponsored by paying clients sponsors with legitimate approval of the organization. This speaks of the brand value of Bombay Times, where even big brands have to pay to get their names mentioned in the paper. The Times of India – and thereby the Bombay Times – are market leaders in terms of circulation. That being said, the Bombay Times is also popular for its entertainment, as most of its articles are not based on fact, but creative persuasion and a great sense of humor.

Stories, photographs and short mentions (even within stories) can be legitimately purchased from the Times Group via Medianet, a Group department that specialises in PR-print marketing and sales. It’s rate card is freely available from their offices.

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