Antop Hill

is a small hill in Mumbai running north south to the eastern side of the Harbour Railwayline between Wadala & G.T.B. Nagar Stations. To the south is MBPT (Mumbai Port Trust Colony) and to the north is the C.G.S. colony. To the East at a distance lies the Trombay Hill and the RCF Factory.The southern end has the Famous Barkat Ali Dargah over looking the Nana Phadnavis Flyover. The Central Section of the hill has the Indian Oil Depot that rations out Kerosene. Every Morning hoards of bullock carts ferry across Kerosene the poor areas of Mumbai from this depot.

The area around the oil depot has some interesting cemeteries (Chinese, Baha’i, Sunni Muslim, Brahma Samaj and European). The New Link road cuts the hill into two part. The Northern Section has the Century old Walchand Bungalows (4 in Number). Just below the bungalows on the Eastern side was the factory of Indian Hume Pipes, owned by the Walchand family, that has now been converted into a swanky housing area called Dosti Acres. On the Western side is the brand new Patent & Trademarks Office. The southernmost wooden part of this hill has the Muslim Sanatorium with a magnificent entrance. Between sanatorium and the C.G.S. Colony is the ancient Dargah of Sheikh Mishari. Opposite this Dargah is the Antop Hill bus depot of B.E.S.T.

Antop Hill Police station is located in Sector 6 of C.G.S. Colony.

Many parts of Antop Hill are occupied by slums.

In 2003, a Bollywood movie was made called “88 Antop Hill” but the movie had nothing to do with the place.

To see this location on click on the link below:

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