Mumbai: A hub for opportunities

(Article from Mumbai Mirror)


Mumbai has always been termed as the city where dreams come true and career prospects have always drawn people to this city. But besides that, higher studies are another driving force for many people. Disha Paul is one such out of towner, who landed in Mumbai two years ago from New Delhi in order to pursue her Masters degree in Business Management.


Initially, the exhaustive commuting and the city’s always-on-the-move attitude was posing a problem for Disha. Though, as the months went by, the city and its attitude started to grow on her. Today, Disha is addicted to the city’s pace and knows that she cannot adjust to a slower lifestyle.


Disha, like many others who have made Mumbai their home, feels that Mumbaikars are the real asset of this dynamic city. She says, “I have never had any problems while I’ve been in the city and I would attribute it all to the helpful attitude of the diligent Mumbaikar. They are always ready to lend a helping hand.” She has come to believe, through personal experience that, here, people are much more compassionate and understanding, and they never let people down in their time of need.


Another thing Disha looks forward to is the festivities in Mumbai. She avers, “The festivities here are unlike any other metros. It is amazing to see how Mumbai celebrates even the smallest festival with a lot of enthusiasm and fanfare.”

“The workaholic tendencies of this city sets this city apart from the rest of the country,” opines Disha. But, she also feels that the kind of life that Mumbai offers, with its abundant career opportunities, is apt for people who look for an independent life.


This budding management professional believes that the Mumbai’s frantic pace, extensive travelling, lack of cleanliness, heard mentality and of course the exorbitant nature are some of the cons that tax many people like her. On saying that, with all the pros and cons alike, Disha is here to stay!

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