Shoes galore at Kemps corner

Vidhi Godiawala

When you stroll across the busy street of Kemps corner, you can’t help noticing the array of shoe shops, stretched across either side of the main road, reading ‘50% off’, ‘SALE’, ‘Any pair Rs199-Rs299’  And if you truly are a shoe maniac, this is the place to be…


Starting from Vama, going downhill to Ashley, passing INXS, crossing over to Habit, moving to Twinkle, two steps further Viva, another step forward to Catwalk, two flights down gets you to Cenzere Big Sale, the adjacent store reads Rise Inn Shoes and the last shop in that lane is Sia. Phew! This was just one side of the street. Just the same way on the opposite side, starting from Show Biz and ending at Empire Shoes, lays Ocular, Candy, Trends, Frenzy, Futsie, Q! and Soles.


From sports wear to formals, from casuals to ethnic wear, these shops have it all. In fact, some of the stores have already started stocking up for the monsoons. Vibrant colors and trendy designs is what you will get at each store with the price tag reading almost the same apart from the branded ones. Vama stocks a good collection of sports wear including brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma and Oakley. For the brand conscious women, you also have some classy heels from Guess and FCUK.


Coming down further, Ashley has some exclusive designs starting from a price of Rs 2,500 upwards. Q! and Catwalk, both stocking designer wear, fall in the same category for their price range. From stilettos to boots, from tie-ups to the latest flat pump, they have it in abundance. With shoes imported from Spain, London and Hong Kong, Q! has trendy designs in subtle colours of mauve, magenta and red. Decorated with bows and shimmer, the latest ballerina shoes in metallic colors of silver, pink, copper and gold, and the pointed toe shoes in beige and black are also stocked in this store.


When it comes to good collection, INXS is not far behind, stocking everything from Baggit, Rawhide and Lekhize in different patterns and styles starting at a price range of Rs 750 onwards. Imported sports shoes, casual chappals, slippers and ethnic wear starting from a price range of Rs 350 onwards, is what you will find at Twinkle and Viva. For those shopping on a low budget, good collections of formal, ethnic and casual wear can be found at Sia, Candy, Rise Inn, Futoes and Futsie, starting from a price range of Rs 450 upwards.


Cenzere Big Sale, the cheapest shop on the street, houses typical Colaba and Linking road wear with price tags of Rs 150 to Rs 200 All the other shops have ‘Any pair Rs 250’ bins.

All these for the ladies, but for the men, Habit and Empire have a good collection of office formals and party wear in colours like black, beige and dark brown.


Tired with shoe shopping? Go grab a bite from Waffles or Mafco or get yourself a coffee from Barista which lies right in the midst of the street. And if you still are in the mood to shop, just walk down the lane to Breach candy and your day is made!

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