Rain check

MiD DAY offers some helpful tips to protect your prized possessions during Mumbai’s monsoons


It is best to not carry the laptop at all during rains, provided it can be avoided. Normally, a good quality laptop bag is waterproof.

Another way of saving the laptop from moisture is to transfer important data on flash drives and access it when necessary

Cell Phones

Cell phones are important. Moreso when it rains heavily, so that we can get in touch with our family.

Just keeping it in a basic zip pouch or a well-sealed plastic bag can help prevent it from going bust. If moisture gets into your LCD screen, warm your cell-phone using a dryer or holding it under a warm lamp.


Avoid wearing leather shoes or shoes made of material that cannot endure water damage.

Switch to sandals, floaters, slip-ons and all-weather shoes, which don’t get ruined in the rain and keep your feet smug.

Funky-looking colourful rubber chappals are economical, practical and also make you look like a trendsetter. What more could one ask for?

Papers, Folders, Files

To keep your papers, folders or files safe, you must carry them in a waterproof bag.

In addition, put a plastic cover over them. You can put the papers in a plastic bag and then put them in the bag to ensure that it doesn’t get wet.

Also, avoid writing with ink or gel pens as their ink smudges with the slightest drop of water. Ball pens are safer.


 If you own a cell phone and carry it with you all the time, avoid wearing your watch.

However, if you have to wear one, buy a basic water resistant model — they are not too expensive and are also easily available.

Contact Lenses

Soft contact lenses become hard and cause irritation to the eye, if exposed to water.

It is an absolute must to keep a bottle of lens solution and lens case handy, if you wear lenses.

Also ensure that you always have your spectacles in your bag whenever you go out, so that if you need to take off the lenses for any reason, it doesn’t affect your vision.

Leather Bag

Avoid carrying a leather bag in the rain unless it is absolutely necessary. And if you do, take some precautions before venturing outside.

Try some waterproofing solutions, which are wax-based and silicone-based agents.

They may be applied to the outside of the bags and will keep them from getting ruined in the lashing rains.

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