What does Mumbai love whining about?

8 signs to show you’ve become a compulsive whiner

If you complain about something every single day, at work and after.

If you are losing sleep.

If you are unhappy.

If you wake up and dread the thought of going to work.

If you feel extremely de- motivated.

If you blow steam over petty issues.

If you are constantly getting into quarrels with people at work.

If little things, like a defunct coffee machine, agitate you.

Psychiatrist Maya Kripalani helps you grab control of the situation

Find the root of the unhappiness: If you are dissatisfied, find out what’s making you unhappy. Have realistic expectations: If for instance, you are a rookie, don’t expect challenging projects as soon as you join a new workplace.

Chalk out your goals: Understand what your priority in life is. Does high pay make you happy, or is job satisfaction more important? And then, work towards your goals.

Every job has a good and bad side: See the larger picture; mundane and routine tasks are part and parcel of every job.
Give it enough time: Whatever the problem, you must give it a fair chance and a good amount of time to fade away.

If your work is making you unhappy for now, you must wait and watch for how long this continues. Only after you have waited long enough, analysed the problem thoroughly, should you approach your boss, clearly stating your needs. That might change the situation in your favour. Cribbing about it to co-workers and friends, won’t.

Are you a Whiner or a Winner? Find out

Whiners have an obsession with “me”; winners are usually good team players. Whiners only think about finishing their own work and leaving, and don’t go the extra mile to do something additional for the organisation. They feel they are always “victimised.”

Whiners rarely see the silver lining in a tough situation; winners are optimistic and work hard to achieve solutions to difficult problems. Whiners crib about the task at hand.

Whiners are hesitant while complimenting others on their good work; winners are encouraging and will also offer intuitive and useful advice. Whiners usually have something rude to say.

Whiners repel people; winners are always surround by people. People get tired tiptoeing around a whiner’s feelings, and find their company exhausting.

Whiners use a lot of negative terminology while communicating their thoughts; winners make sure they are calm and composed before expressing themselves. Whiners usually begin all their sentences with “have to..?”, for instance, “Do we have to organise this event?”

Our options: Long commute


Lack of social life


Boss from hell


Low pay


Way too much work


There is no up side to whining. If you are dissatisfied, find out what’s making you unhappy and change it. See the larger picture; mundane tasks are a part of every job.

Maya Kripalani, Consultant Psychologist with Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai


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