Talent at its best



Disha Prasad a toddler who has got her basics all right at this young age enjoys the learning process and continues to grow with it

Disha’s grasp over things and her sharp aptitude can be attributed to her mothers scientific teaching techniques like learning with flash cards, sleep talk etc. Disha’s mother Dr Mahalaxmi Prasad has enrolled her in Adhaar Overall Growth Centre (OGC), Chembur, for training that spans over a year. Her mother states, “I have attended the Infant Siddha Programme course of Mumbai Education Trust’s Rishikul Vidyalaya, Bandra and have put my daughter at Adhaar Overall Growth Centre (OGC) at Chembur, in the same premises as Podar Jumbo Kids, which was set in consultation with them. I am happy with the learning of my child. She has developed a positive aptitude and attitude in right ambience at Adhaar OGC.”

“Disha has learnt a varied gamut of things like acquiring proficiency over dance, drama, tabla, flute, keyboard, yoga, sanskrit, vocals, karate, skating, art and craft etc. Depending upon her aptitude and attitude towards each of these she has excelled in most of the activities,” says her mother.

Era Singh, director of Adhaar OGC, Chembur explains, “Our centre certainly explores the child’s creative faculty and area of their excellences hidden in them with the help of teachers and parents through right kind of techniques and methodology for holistic development of the children. It is established facts that early start of education gives pre-emptive advantages to children and their learning, experimenting and memorisation abilities and they are all ready to take off with right kind of learning environment.”

Disha has learnt academics at an age where a strong academic foundation is laid for their development and also inculcating the values and virtues of Indian culture.

Disha has learnt to explore her creative and logical potentialities by multi-diverse and multi-sensory activities, skills development and art forms to evolve her in all spheres- physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual.

“ I have seen my daughter develop a keen ear to music, where she has an inclination to learn new instruments. She takes learning as a fun thing and we plan to continue her association with OGC along with her schooling,” says Disha’s father, T Ramkrishna Prasad.

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  1. Shanya Says:

    Adhaar OGC run by Mrs. Era Singh is one of best school for children and my child learnt a lot from this. Best wishes and continue to support them, Shanya

  2. arathi Says:

    can u plz reply back with the OGC center address at Chembur and Bandra…. Looking forward to enroll my daughter.


    i am looking for infant siddha programme since i am 5 months pregnant. pls send meur address and tel nos to contact

  4. Mrs. Era Singh Says:

    Our address of adhaar Overall Growth cenetre is loacated at Basant Garden Bungalow CHS, Next to Ganga Tower, and Atur Park, Sion Trombay Raod, Chembur, Mumbai.

    Adhaar Overall Growth Centre ‘ s Director – Mrs. Era Singh has set up Adhaar Overall Growth Centre at venue at Podar Jumbo Kids. These Centres have been setup in consultation with Mumbai Education Trust’s Rishikul Vidyalaya (MRV). This centre will provide perfect environment of learning at centre and help parents to implement these methods of child development through OGC. OGC concept explained the importance of child development from the stage of womb as brain development upto age of 4 year is 50% and upto age of 8 years, it is 78-80 %. He emphasized with studies carried our by MRV that child must be imparted lot of knowledge i.e. bite of information at early stage in playway and joyful manner as children have tremendous capacity to grasp unlimited information’s. Children of MRV from the age of 3-8 displayed marvelous performance of Karate, Tabla, Flute, Keyboard, Musical instruments, Karate and Skating etc. and will focus towards the right brain development process in children by way of teaching the academic through mufti-ferrous activities. She adds, we do not run activity centre as commonly mistaken, we impart academic knowledge through multifarious creativity in particular and playway. The concept of teaching and learning are unique, where children will be provided opportunities to explore their creative and logical potentialities. Adhaar OGC is unique and different as we will teach the academics like numbers through Tabla, Geography through Dances and other academics through Art & craft, Tabla, Key board, Flute, Dance, Drama, Vocal, Harmonium, Caroms, Sanskrit, and sports activities of Karate, Skating etc for integrated development and growth of child. The OGC programs have been developed by MRV based on scientific research and studies carried out for more than decade. Even the concept of teaching and learning are unique, where children’s left and right brain, will be provided opportunities to explore their creative and logical potentialities by introducing them to multi-diverse and multi-sensory activities, skills development and art forms to evolve them in all spheres- Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional, and Spiritual.
    Children are taught academics between ages of 3 to 8 years predominantly for laying the foundation of their development and inculcating the values and virtues of Indian culture. Children aged more than 9-12 will be benefited for their development as well as their hobby development.

    For any clarification, you may contact our centre-head on 27549333/66, 25217767/ or 9892147291.

  5. paras Says:

    Dear Madam,

    We r at south mumbai & looking for ogc at this side for our child. Pls advice if u have any branch here.

    Call me on 9870040849

    Regards / Paras

  6. devangi parikh Says:

    i m looking for OGC centre in Malad, preferably east.
    call me on 9820471638

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