Mumbai worth living for singles

Preeti Gupta

Aamchi Mumbai is known to be a city of dreams realisation and people from every nook and corner of India and abroad land up in this city to make big. Twenty-seven-year old computer professional, Richa Srivastav is one such girl, who came all way from the city of Nawabs, Lucknow to Mumbai almost three years back in search of her own identity.

“While I was studying computer I made up my mind to relocate to Mumbai for better career prospects,” avers Richa. I still clearly remember my initial days in this town, which were really taxing. Whether it was arrangement for PG accommodation or the chaotic traffic or Mumbai lingo, everything was a like a trail for me. However, everything fell at its place within a month, thanks to the cooperation extended by Mumbaikars, smiles Richa.  

A timid and an introvert MCA student of yester years turned into a mature computer professional and the credit goes to this wonderful city. Richa still cannot forget how the bus conductors used to talk to her in Marathi (ticket sangha, pudhe chala) and how her expression used to go blank. But, today comprehending the same language is certainly not a rocket science for her.
The vada pav and samosa pav, which was foreign food, is something that her taste buds crave for now!

Richa tells, “Beyond a doubt, this city is not an easy place to cope with but, all one needs to do here is simply ask for help and there will be someone or the other to lend a helping hand.” She contradicts the general believe about Mumbai that it is hostile to singles. “I feel Mumbai is the only worth living city for singles, who want their own space and identity.”

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