Cinema loos succeed where CST fails

Multiplex manages to sell advertising spot above its urinals — something the most populated station on CR has not managed to do

Meanwhile, ad spaces above urinals at CST station look as grim as those using those using the urinals

Central Railway has been rather innovative in the recent past, in terms of putting up advertising spaces on its properties for sale.

However, its latest venture — selling space above its urinals at stations and platforms — has flopped. A similar campaign at Fame cinemas has however, worked.

CR initiated the experiment, six months ago, at the extremely busy Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST). However, despite CST being among the top choice of stations for advertisers on the central and outstation routes, the experiment has found no takers.

Fame, on the other hand, has had no such problems. Fame spokesperson Sonali Shroff said, “We were first in the city to advertise in the toilet of a multiplex.

Since the profile of people coming to multiplexes are different and the toilets are clean and beautifully lit up, it works for us. Most patrons use the loos and nobody can miss the advertisement.”

Figure it out

Interestingly, while CST has a footfall of around 22 lakh people on any given day, the number of patrons frequenting Fame Malad and Fame Adlabs in Andheri is only 4,000 and 3,200 respectively.

Prime area, no good

Despite CST earning maximum revenue for CR for on board advertisements, it has not helped the contractor get, advertisers for the advertisement space above CST’s urinals. The contractor has been unable to find any advertisers since the last few months.

According to sources, the term for the contract has ended and authorities have not renewed the contract.

“The fact that it was placed above a urinal may have made it less attractive for advertisers. Besides, advertisers may have thought that the space does not have enough visibility,” said an official, who did not want to be named.

“The department didn’t plan to advertise in that space. But an advertiser approached us and we gave him the contract.

The contract was allotted after paying due charges. But he has not approached us to renew the contract,” the official added.

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