Mumbaikars continue to win hearts

Like many Saurabh Rathod, hailing from Indore (Madhya Pradesh) relocated to Mumbai with high expectations. However, his perception of Mumbai as a dream city came crashing down, as he found nothing alluring about the city. “After seeing the state-of-art infrastructure of Delhi, I thought Mumbai is going to be the same. But, I was utterly disappointed,” feels Saurabh.

The food in Mumbai was another blow that hit Saurabh in his early days in Mumbai, since he found it quite hard to satisfy his taste buds with Bambaiyah food. But, it only took him a couple of months to discover a wide array of cuisines that this city has to offer. Improper and mumbaiya Hindi spoken by the people in the city also left him shell shocked.

Amidst all these problems, it was the Mumbaikars who actually stepped forward to lend him a helping hand. Says he, “I can safely claim that I have never met people as lively and wonderful as Mumbaikars ever before. So far, I have not even encountered a single bad experience with any person out here, not even bus conductors and  rickshawallas.”

Besides the helpful nature of Mumbaikars, it is the career driven, ambitious and confident girls of Mumbai that highly impressed Saurabh. After staying here for a year and half, amazingly Saurabh has also adapted the same Mumbai lingo, which had stunned him initially. Today, right from the city’s historical monuments to entertainment parks to theatres, beaches, etc everything appeals to Saurabh.

Now, the initial culture shock has become passé for Saurabh, who has been transformed into a true-blue Mumbaikar.

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