Operation slum wipeout

State government will include Mithi slums and those on railway properties near Dharavi under the Dharavi Redevelopment Plan

The slums on the banks of Mithi river, Bandra Kurla Complex

The state government is planning to include slums along the banks of Mithi River and those on railway properties under the ambit of the Dharavi Redevelopment Plan (DRP).

This, state officials say, will ensure that the areas near Dharavi can be cleared of slums in one go.

Said a government official requesting anonymity, “We have been working on the formalities for some time. Finally, on Friday, the authorities agreed to include Mithi structures in the DRP.”

The officer added, “We are negotiating with the railways to have encroachers on their land included in the DRP.

Issues like identifying railway land to be included in the DRP and the compensation to be given to the railways for the land remain.”

Though this new plan will add 7,000 more families to the 57,000 already included in the DRP, I S Chahal, the State’s nodal officer for DRP, said, “There will be no cost escalation. Under the DRP, the more rehab structures a builder develops, the more area he gets to sell to recover his costs.”

However, A Joachim, president, National Slumdwellers Federation (NSF), described the government’s move as suspicious.

“By bringing in more area, the government is only giving in to the builder lobby.” According to him, “the government is bending rules under the guise of Dharavi Redevelopment Programme”.

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