Tata Memorial rape victim’s dead foetus

Tata Memorial Centre rape victim Waheeda Ali (name changed), 16, who is being treated at Lucknow’s Lavanya Ayurveda Hospital, gave a birth to a child at KGMC Government Hospital in Lucknow early Saturday morning.

The child died after a few minutes because of the premature birth, according to Lavanya Ayurveda Hospital’s Dr Ashok Shrivastav. Ali had been taken to the Lavanya Ayurveda hospital for cancer treatment when she was seven-and-a-half months pregnant.

Bhoiwada police investigating Ali’s case were informed about the child so that foetus could be taken for DNA tests. Cancer patient Ali had claimed earlier that she was raped by Tata Memorial Centre ward boys after she was operated at the hospital in October last year.

After investigation, Bhoiwada police arrested Firoz Khan, Waheeda’s neighbour, who confessed to having a physical relationship with Ali. Police have taken Khan’s DNA samples and are awaiting Ali’s child DNA tests.

The case, which was stuck for the past two months, will now have a new twist after the DNA test of the foetus. 

“If the samples don’t match, we will have to start investigation at Tata hospital again,” said a policeman.

According to Shrivastav, “Post this delivery, Waheeda’s cancer treatment will result in a speedy recovery.”

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One Response to “Tata Memorial rape victim’s dead foetus”

  1. Sudhanshu Says:

    What are all the chances of Ali’s (rape victim) survival from cancer?

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