WR to work out timetable

Western Railway (WR) has got something new on its agenda. In its attempt to make commuting by local trains commuter friendly, they have decided to come up with a fresh proposal, this time accommodating those stations which were excluded in the earlier plan proposed in November 2006. 

Senior WR officials have indicated that while the earlier proposed timetable has not been put on a back burner, a better plan would be made public and would be put into effect only after seeking commuter feedback.

“We will come up with a new proposal, that would eliminate the anomalies in the earlier plan. The new timetable would service more stations. In the earlier plan, certain pairs of stations were not serviced. However, this would be reduced in the new plan. The spadework for the plan will begin within a month’s time,” said a senior official.

“Forms to obtain commuter feedback would also be distributed,” the official added. Central Railway too have not completely shelved the alternative timetable plan.

“We have asked passenger associations for their feedback and are yet to get some on the timetable. Once we get the feed back, we will look into it. It is not that we have dropped the plan,” said AK Sinha, chief passenger transportation manager.

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