Laughter is still the best medicine

Ha ha ho ho: Members of laughter clubs participate in a laughter competition for the elderly to celebrate World Laughter Day in Mumbai. Laughter yoga is a physically oriented technique that uses simple laughter exercises and is believed to improve health and increase well-being

Not many Mumbaikars were aware that yesterday, May 6, was World Laughter Day. Madhuri Kataria, co-founder of Mumbai Laughter Club, blames this on stress.

She started the club with her husband Madan. According to Kataria, an adult doesn’t laugh more than five times in a day, while a newborn laughs at least 300 times every day.

Navin Prabhakar, who was famous for his act in the TV show, Laughter Challenge, said, “Laughter makes a difference to the common man even today.”

Kataria outlines a few easy laughter therapies. Greeting laugh: Begin your day with a healthy and loud laugh Lion’s laugh: Show your tongue, broaden your eyes, inhale deep and exhale while laughing loudly Silent laugh:

Laugh continuously for 10 seconds without making noise Hasta Parashevasana: Move your hands in the air as if you are swimming and laugh

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