Make over place for your car!

In search of a pit stop for your car? Milan subway road is the place you want to visit. Established around 30 years back, here is a market that will provide you with the best accessories for your car. The most effective way to personalise your car or make it look new again is to accessorise it. Whether it is a fancy new seat covers or a new number plate, you will get everything here. Rest assured with more than 20 shops around, you would not have a dearth of choices.

Accessories for the cars

This is the place where you can get your entire car revamped in one go. Car stereos, new tyres, car perfumes, graphic stickers, wheel covers, lights, carpets and rubber mats, seat covers, interior mirrors, central car locking systems, you can get all of these set up. Although, famous for accessories, you can also get repair work done here like fixing that broken air conditioning or replacing a shattered windshield. Few shops also keep auto parts here. There are many shops that specialise only in tyres and accessories.

Scooters, auto rickshaws and bikes

Milan subway road also has shops selling automobile parts other than those for cars like scooters, auto rickshaws and bikes. Spare parts for these are available. You can get your seat cover changed and find the helmet of your choice here. Although these are smaller shops compared to those catering to four wheeler spares, they will provide solutions to all of your two-wheeler problems.

Business at Milan Subway Road

Considering the number of shops here, it is surprising to see that all of them do good business. When asked about this, Mahindra Chawda from the A-1 Auto Accessories says, “ Along with the number of shops, the market has also grown a lot. So all the shops manage to get business” 

While N Shah, a regular customer here says, “ It is better to come here than to go to multiple places to get work done. It is a one-stop-shop for me.”

The shops here do face problems during the monsoons due to water clogging. When asked about this they say that they are used to it now. These shops have managed to build up a market in this long lane connecting Vile Parle (east) with the Santacruz S.V Road. So the next time you think of a make over for your car do think of Milan Subway. 

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