Reclamation reclaimed!

Despite the recent claims by the police that couples and bikers who flocked Bandra Reclamation at night had been removed, MiD DAY found both in abundance there at 12.30 am today.

The couples, some in compromising situations, were neither alert nor coy even in the presence of a camera. The bikers were at ease too.

They enthusiastically displayed their biking prowess, doing wheelies. “We will show you great bike stunts, but just make sure the number of our bike and our faces don’t show,” said a biker who was racing and as well as competing in the stunts.

Another one said, “This is a public place and we can do what we want. Who are the cops to stop us.” And during the hour that this reporter spent at the spot, there were no police vans in sight.

When we approached the Bandra police, they denied the presence of couples and bikers at the spot. “It’s 1 am and there are no couple at Reclamation at this hour. We have also cleared all the bikers from the area so, there is no chance of them being there either,” said a confident Sub-inspector Pravin More, the duty officer at Bandra police station.

He added that if they were there then the couples and bikers would be charged and penalised. However, when this reporter checked back at 5.15 am, there had been no detentions from the area.

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