What kind of liar are you?

Today’s life@work cover story focuses on the little white lies you tell at work. How do you fare on our lie-o-metre? Take this quiz to find out.

1. You have to convince someone to buy your product. You:                                              

a) Exaggerate its qualities a little
b) Say an Indian celebrity uses it, even though he/she doesn’t
c) Lie about it being voted the best product in its category, by a world forum.

2. The last time you lied was:       
a) To keep a friend from getting hurt
b) Because you were bored
c) To manipulate a situation to your advantage. 

3. Can you go a week without lying?

a) Yes
b) No
c) I could try, but it would be tough.

4. The last time you told a lie:

a) It didn’t affect anyone’s life
b) You fooled someone into believing another version of the truth
c) At least one person got hurt.

5. When someone asks you about the best experience of your life, you:

a) Tell it like it is
b) Make one up
c) Add your own masala to it.

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