Mumbai has 2 cases of kids with kala azar

  ‘Kala Azar’ or leishmaniasis was detected in two children aged eight-years hailing from Bihar in the city this month, a senior health official said today. One patient was admitted to the J J Hospital on April 5 while the other is been administered treatment at the Cooper Hospital since April 9. “Adult migrant labourers who come from Bihar are treated for the disease very regularly but this is the first time that children are being treated for it in the city,” head of J J Hospital’s paediatric ward Ashok Rathod said. Kala Azar is a parasitic disease spread by the bite of infected sand flies (found only in Orissa and Bihar) which can affect internal organs such as spleen and liver. Meanwhile, a senior civic health official said that the corporation is not taking any chances and is on the lookout for the parasite which spreads the disease. Rathod said 8-year-old Vilas Singh is being administered the best of medical aid but is very critical. Singh, who has been suffering with fever for the past two days, was brought to JJ with distension of the abdomen and anaemia, he said, adding that this is the first time a patient of kala azar is being treated in the hospital. Meanwhile, a senior doctor at the Cooper Hospital said that their patient was doing fine. The suburb of Goregaon in north west Mumbai has a steady flow of migrants and hence medicines of kala azar are available there, Rathod said, adding that some private clinics in the area regularly undertake such cases.

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