To beer, or not to beer

Sportsbar Express – Colaba

As the name suggests, this Sports Bar has a large LCD screen and a lovely pool table coupled with some baskets for basketball. And in case you’re not a sporty person, the music will surely cheer you up. The ambience is perfect for downing those beers, and the seating arrangement is also pretty neat. All in all, the price of the drinks is definitely cheaper compared to the other food/beverages their menu offers.

Beer-o-meter – 8/10 (Rs 199 a pitcher)

Pamposh – Bandra, Linking Road

Normally a hang out for collegians, this place has it all. From the uptight-sophisticated crowd to the ghaati-singing-pelvic-thrusting college kids. Though you won’t get great music here, it gives some tasty snacks to go with the beer. The plus point here is, the beer is so cheap that you end up having more than you expected. Oh wait, that’s not a plus point.

Beer-o-meter – 8.5/10 (Rs 140 a pitcher)

Pop-Tates – 7 bungalows, Andheri

The most ‘happening’ of them all, Pop Tates’ has the best happy hour deal you can find. From 3pm to 8pm, two pitchers are served for the price of one. Of course, post-8pm, the place is so full that you’d be better off coming back the next day. But who cares! Happy hours! Woo-hoo!
Beer-o-meter – 9/10 (Rs 199 a pitcher)

Fluid Spice – Lokhandwala, Andheri

Even though it’s the most expensive of the lot, Fluid Spice offers the best service and ambience among all the other places mentioned above. An insanely huge bar and equally huge TV screens make this place an obvious choice for a guys’ evening out.

Beer-o-meter – 8/10 (Rs 240 a pitcher)

Alps – near Leopold Café

The favourite place among the lot. Located two minutes from Leopold café, Alps is relatively unknown. If you’re around town, this is a must visit. It’s a small place, no music, good crowd and most importantly, it has the cheapest beer, at prices you won’t have even imagined. This one’s a nice place if you’re the kinds to talk things out over beer.

Beer-o-Meter – 10/10 (Rs 110-130 for a pitcher)

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