Bombay burger

Ashok Vaidya

Location Dadar

Crowd Mainly college goers

Price Rs 5

It is believed that Mumbai’s much-loved snack was born 35-years ago, when Ashok Vaidya, a snack seller outside Dadar station, decided to experiment. The combination of batata vada and split pav continues to be the city’s sledgehammer answer to the burger. Vaidya used to sell batata poha and batata vada and when one day he offered vada with pav on a customer’s request. Soon, he discovered that there were more takers for the new delicacy and since then there was no looking back. After Vaidya, his son Narendra took over the stall outside Dadar.
Rating 7


Dhiraj stall

Location opposite


College Junta

Price Rs 5

On an average this stall is thronged by about 1500 to 2000 people daily. The quick service competes well with the nearby competitors and the generously buttered pav is the clear crowd puller. However, the stall guys here are rude and cheeky to new customers and so that could be a big put off for many people. Besides vada pav, Dhiraj stall also offers grilled sandwiches, soft drinks and other knick-knacks.

Rating 4



Location Dadar Market

Crowd Dadar Junta and theatre artists
Rs 6
Its location in the heart of bustling Dadar gives ‘Shrikrishna’ a patronage of over 3,000 customers every day. The vadas here are unique, made with mustard seeds and spices. And yes! Only vada is served here — no pav. Service is really quick! It serves a variety of snacks like sabu dana vadas, samosas, et al. Perhaps the only complaint is over the size of the vada, which is slightly smaller than the usual.


A popular fact is that Chabildas High School situated nearby which is a crucible for Marathi theatre personae like Rohini Hattangadi, Amol Palekar and Shriram Lagoo patronised this stall.

Rating 7

Jumbo King

Location chain across the city

Crowd Hungry Commuters

Price Vada pav – Rs 5, cheese vada pav – Rs 9

Jumbo King claims to be the Indian version of McDonalds and Burger King. The vada pavs (which by the way are nick named the Indian burger) are assembled, wrapped and dispensed just like they do it at Mac. The outlets, strategically positioned outside railway stations draw 2,500 customers in a day. They claim that the vada is not touched by anyone before you. Stainless steel machines are used to cook, mash and peel potatoes. While the bread is caramelised, the vegetable oil is changed every few hours and filtered water is used. The vada pav comes wrapped in paper, with a little onion on the side.
Jumbo King also serves samosa pav, masala lassi.

Rating 9



Amrut Bhuvan

Lower Parel

Crowd Mill workers
Price Rs 4.50

They serve vada pavs in many different sizes and their chutney and chilly sauce are excellent. Chillies served with the dish are a nice touch. However, their service is quite slow.
Rating 6


Here’s a list of places in Mumbai, where you can tickle your taste buds with Mumbai’s very own favourite munch, vada pav


1.                   Central telegraph office – Fountain

2.                   Shrikrishna – Dadar

3.                   Chabildas school – Dadar

4.                   Amrut Bhuvan – Lower Parel

5.                   Jumbo Vada Pav – Malad

6.                   Datta treya – Dadar

7.                   Ashok Vada Pav – near Kirti College, Dadar  

8.                   Dhiraj stall – opposite the Mithibai and NM Colleges

9.                   Vinay – Thakur Dwar

10.               Amantran – Thane

11.               Hutatma Chowk

12.               Anand Vada Pav -opposite Mithibai College, Vile Parle

13.               Thane station

14.               M M Mithaiwala – Malad

15.               Shardashram School – Dadar

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