having its registered office at Mumbai providing better utility services, as second time launched in the Indian Market, hoping it as a best source of helping all types of social people without any misruling. The procureness of its different kind of utility services which are excessively integral part of human well being. We have decided to launch our branches all over India. Even though, it is all most processed to install branches like Calcutta and Delhi. was established in the year 2005. Seeking a good motivation by making dreams of common people come true. MobileRecharge established with huge and furnished office its head office at Malad.
Owner :
The company has its owner called Mr.Subhash who is enthusiastic, charming, and energetic owner who was 1st person in India to exercise to install LPG Bottling plant in the year 1993. He has achieved such huge and unimaginable success at the age of 23. He has been involved in different categorical development of software technology and it’s utilization in several sectors. As a young, dynamic Partner / Director of a company, he has shown his altogether capabilities leaving behind problems and pains. He has worked in different insurance companies as an adviser for the last few years and holding essential partner in different Group of Companies. Mr.Ketan J. Shah is another partner of the organization who is a well known lottery businessman. His bids involved in marketing lotteries in almost all states in India. Besides this, he has involved in real estate business and internet marketing for the last couple of years. Having involved in network marketing, where existing customer names feathered on him which is around 1,00,000. Group turnover around 500,00,00,000 (five hundred crores) which is marginally sound and company is projecting to cross the limit of rupees 5000,00,00,000 ( five thousand crores) by the next year which is the aim and objective of the company.

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    mahindra & mahindra Corpporate it

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