Done Card Utility Limited

Done Card utility Limited company incorporated in year 2005 by Done is truly diversified with its business activities spread all over India. The group is known for its successful implementation of unique business ideas.

Done Card Vision :
To offer safe and easy payment option to Indian consumers without compromising on their privacy with one – stop shop solution.

Done Card Objective :
Done Card business objective is to introduce multipurpose stored value card of various denominations INR (100, 200, 500, 1000, 5000, 10,000) that can be used to purchase various goods and services from affiliated merchants based on Anywhere, Anytime concept. This would result in increased sales for all affiliated merchants and better safety and convenience for the consumer. Having various denominations ensures that it suits the need of all kinds of buyers. No budget constraints.

Done Card Opportunity :
Done Card offers opportunity to various business organizations to sell their product services to consumer the internet and other authorized outlets. All they have to do is affiliate with Done Card as Merchants.

Future and Growth of Done Card :
Done Card seems to be a systematic and Service oriented product to the Consumers/Clients/Customers as People become more and more consciousness about service through internet and its utilisation. The Real Future of DONECARD has been a phenomenon of conglomeration to the people. If in an average 30 crore people in India use internet, then the 25 crore people amongst 30 crore in India should have used DONECARD. It is due to coming yet people would be more generous and aware about its utilisation.


Subhash Jewria :
Subhash Jewria who is enthusiastic, charming, and energetic owner who was 1st person in India to exercise to install LPG. Bottling plant in the year 1993. He has been involved in different categorical development of software technology and it’s utilization in several sectors. As a young dynamic Partner and Director of a company, he had also shown his altogether capabilities by working with different insurance companies as adviser for the last few years and holding essential partner in different Group of Companies.

Ketan J Shah :
Ketan J.Shah is the director of the organization who is well known lottery businessman. His bids involved in marketing lotteries in almost all states in India (Maharastra, Karnataka, Calcutta). Besides this, he has involved in real estate business and internet marketing for the last couple of years. Having involved in network marketing where existing customer names feather on him which is around 1,00,000. Group turnover is around 500,00,00,000 (five hundred crores) which is marginally sound and company is projecting to cross the limit of rupees 5000,00,00,000 ( five thousand crores) by the next year which is the aim and objective of the company.

Bhavesh Shah :
Bhavesh Shah also one of the director operate the company in name the of “Shri Laxmi Online Marketing” (For Paper lottery and Bumper lottery). He has over all 76 distributors in Maharastra.

Nikhil Shah and Chirag Shah :
Nikhil Shah and Chirag Shah are the another director of this company who have the Lottery Stockiest over all Maharashtra. They have over all 2000 Retailer.

Company has its turnover around 500,000,000(five hundred crore) which is marginally sound and company is projecting to cross the limit of rupees 5,000,000,000(five thousand crore) by the next year which is the aim and object of the company

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  1. c s dhir Says:

    i want to know how i can get booked railway tickets through donecard

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