Prostitution rackets

A Versova-based housewife nabbed by the Mumbai police has allegedly turned out to be a “big fish” in running high-end prostitution rackets in the city boasting of Page 3 personalities and industrialists as clients.

Hema Kapoor had eluded authorities for long, but the social service branch of the Mumbai police arrested her earlier this month after some clever sleuthing. She has been booked under the stringent Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Act (PITA).

Kapoor operated only through cellphones, changing numbers frequently to evade detection, and entertained only those who came through strong referrals. “Hema is amongst the biggest suppliers of girls in the flesh trade.

She is married with two children and uses an alias. She owns a plush flat at Lokhandwala complex, but has given it out on lease and lives in a rented accommodation at Yari Road, Versova,” said a senior police official.

The police suspect Kapoor has been involved in this activity for more than five years. One of her conditions was that clients should book rooms only in five-star hotels.

Officials said that Kapoor seldom interacted with clients herself, which had made it difficult for the police to nab her. “Her area of business is spread throughout the city but she is particularly active in the western suburbs.

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