is a new way to create and send phone messages using the Internet. With AbbyMe you can:

  • Broadcast phone messages to many friends at once
  • Schedule reminder and birthday calls in advance
  • Upload media to create, mix, and share phone playlists
  • All for free!

AbbyMe make phone calls more like email, except with the phone you get immediate contact. Use AbbyMe whenever you aren’t able to get into a conversation, when you don’t need a response, or whenever you’d prefer not to deliver the message yourself. From prank calls to uncomfortable conversations, let Abby be your messenger.

AbbyMe makes it easy to plan events and coordinate people,
since she makes it easy to send phone messages to multiple people at once and confirm basic information. When planning a party, you can use AbbyMe to verify who’s coming, who’s bringing what, and to send out any last minute reminders.

AbbyMe makes phone calls entertaining,
by allowing you to create phone playlists. Upload media clips, record you own voice, and type messages for Abby to read; then mix them together to create unique, personalized phone playlists to send out. AbbyMe is a free way to send phone messages, and members can upload media, create playlists, and broadcast messages to multiple friends, free of charge.

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