United Way of Mumbai

United Way of Mumbai was established in 2002 on the initiative of Mr. David Good Ex-US Consul General India and with the support of American International Group, Citibank India, Ernst & Young, India, Hunt Partners, Jasubhai Group, J M Morgan Stanley Securities, Mahindra & Mahindra, Morgan Stanley New York, Principal Asset Management and Sony Television.

The heads of these companies had been contributing to local United Ways in the United States through parent companies for over a decade. And for a long time, they had wanted to provide their employees with an equally trustworthy but local medium through which they could contribute to social causes. Thus United Way Mumbai came into being as an independent affiliate of United Way International. Very shortly United Way of India will be established to act as a parent body to all the local United Way chapters in India.

United Way encourages bringing professional management concepts to social work. At United Way we are focusing on identifying issues which have high potential to create change. We spend significant time in careful due diligence, evaluating and involving the right partners who demonstrate an ability to understand and solve issues from a big picture perspective. By involving top corporates to lend credibility to our functioning we also ensure that we maintain the highest integrity in fund management and allocation.

Corporates and the corporate leaders of India have partnered with United Way because they understand and appreciate that the United Way Community Investment Process endeavors to point NGOs to the horizon where NGOs need to make sure time and again that they are working on causes and not just symptoms and building an adequate and efficient infrastructure to deliver.

Thousands of NGOs have been battling to eradicate the numerous developmental issues facing India by demonstrating and implementing sometimes innovative solutions that make a significant impact. At United Way our mission is to learn from these non-profits and strengthen the mechanism that supports such causes with a focus to support demonstrated innovative, large-scale solutions that have the potential to change patterns across society using replicable models.

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