Valentine’s day in Mumbai

The color of the season is pink… Mumbai, its lil shops, all small and big cards and gifts shops, all candy shops, all boutiques all everthing is decked up in pink.. I dont oppose valentines day.. but isn’t the bath in pink a little bit too much.. even the stupid indian idol aspirants r dressed in pink!!! god. all.. each n everyone of them.. crooning out love songs..on a pink hearts background..

I checked out the NY Blog, and a few others too.. there are so many happy love struck ppl… who are planning surprises and dinners and so much more for their sweethearts…. I m glad the blog I checked had a normal colored kangaroo and not a pink one…!!

now that valentines day is just around the corner.. what I am wondering is how Shiv Sena is going to react.. the same Raj Thackeray .. who as of last year carried out loud violent protests and huge morchas is “pro-valentines day” this time.. dont they see what kind of a joke they end up being?? mayb he ended up seeing the sfter side of things.. wonder if Uddhav Thackeray and the rest will protest this time just to go against Raj T.

I had taken a pic of these all pink things.. but it is nt uploading frm my cell tonite.. I ll just do it up later..and maybe then I ll have more to update about what exactly happens tomorrow…

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