Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC3) sucks.


Indian audiences glued to the small screen on Monday (Jan 22) night at 9 pm. The new season of KBC on Star Plus started, but the popular host had changed. The old don has been replaced by the new one. There were speculations whether SRK will be live upto the expectations.

Khan showcased his Hindi speaking skills, mingled and interacted with the audience in his own unique style.

However, at the end of the show, the verdict was mixed. Some people felt that Khan is not that charismatic as Big B, while diehard Shahrukh fans had all kinds of support for him.

King Khan has had the nation riveted. Each little detail of the Bollywood Badshah’s foray into television has been keenly followed as the credits rolled on the latest edition of Kaun Banega Crorepati. Khan showcased his Hindi speaking capabilities and mingled with the masses completely.

Big B had managed to elevate the quiz show, which helped to tide over the financial crisis he had been in, virtually reviving his career and making him one of India’s priciest brand ambassadors.

The third edition of KBC in 2007, the baritone is missing, so is the all pervading presence of Big B.  Shahrukh was animated, overacting, nervous, trying to immitate big b, overall marks to him from 10 we give 3.

Shahrukh sucks with the cheap way of giving away his watch to a losing player, is intending to show that he is the most generous man the Big B. I bet however he tries for gaining trp he will not win.

source : http://timesnow.tv/I_Shahrukh_unlock__KBC/articleshow/1388604.cms

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3 Responses to “Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC3) sucks.”

  1. Vishal Says:

    SRK sucks, enough of his overacting. He can not reach level of Big B

  2. Aslam Says:

    First things first, there is no comparison. The difference is stark.

    KBC would be a watchable show because of of its inherent format even if the host is Shekhar Suman. Amitabh made the difference between a good show and an outstanding one. Audience, in general will not be able to dissociate KBC and Amitabh. This is reflected in the umpteen opinion polls and the TRP ratings of KBC3, which are half of KBC2 let alone KBC1!

    Family audiences from 15 to 75 would wait for that grand personality to emerge after the initial jingle and that famous baritone to boom in their living rooms. Amitabh made the small screen look like 70mm. And therein lies the glaring difference.

    Amitabh’s cult status transcends across boundaries of age, gender, urban-rural divide and geography. When he was Shahrukh’s age (about 40), he was India’s leading actor by far, labeled as the “one man industry” and ranked 1 to 10 at the box office (the next actor came at no. 11!). He did not need the media splash (TV, internet, etc.), marketing gimmicks and paid reviews to make him popular (which is very much the general style today). It was just his work and his films that spoke and found a permanent place in people’s hearts and popularity that is rock steady over the past 3 decades. He has aged like old wine in people’s minds and there is an inexplicable emotional bond. Isn’t this why he was the producers’ first choice?!

    He endeared himself to the TV audience with his larger than life personality and yet utterly believable humility. Amitabh gave KBC the aura and gravitas associated with the show around the world and beyond. (In fact, I would show it to my British friends proudly to tell them that we have a better anchor. I wouldn’t dare do it now!)

    I have no doubt that Shah Rukh will make a good host like many others on TV. I wish him luck, he has displayed some knack and will have his niche audience like all good TV shows have. But he is no Amitabh. Sadly, there is no other Amitabh. For someone who has been a KBC fan since 2000, it is all over now. For a huge majority, as evident even on this site, the “Amitabh missing” factor simply negates the “Shah Rukh present” factor. Sadly, KBC has lost me and a huge number of others as its audience. KBC with Amitabh was like Sholay, I will savour it forever.

  3. Manmohan Says:

    Had SRK started KBC then taken over by BIG B , what would have been the general viev of the public ??
    Did anyone thought of this ??
    SRK’s presentation of KBC3 is very gracefull, One must not compare him with BIG B. !!!!!!

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