Mumbai Cricket

The Mumbai cricket Association or MCA (formally known as Bombay cricket Association) is the governing body for cricket in Mumbai and its surrounding regions like Thane and Navi Mumbai. The association comes under west zone .The Association was established in 1930 and has a sound Constitution

The Mumbai cricket team is the team for The Mumbai cricket association in the Ranji Trophy. The team has won over 36 titles, the most recent being in 2003-04. It has also come runner-up in the final of the Ranji Trophy a total of 4 times.The association has its won stadium- The Wankhede Stadium, near Churchgate railway station built in 1975.The office of the association is located in the same building .

This is probably the only Sports Association in India which not only practices democratic values, but also has a tradition of keeping the Association on the move with new ideas and enthusiasm because of a provision in our constitution which provides that no individual can continue in any post for more than eight years (for terms of 2 years) at a stretch. After completing 8 years in a position he/she can occupy the same post after a gap of 4 years (2 terms of 2 years each).

The Mumbai Cricket Association doesn’t not have system of individual membership. Rather is has 350 ordinary members and 25 Associate member which are affiliated to the Association. Only ordinary members are eligible to vote during elections. If any ordinary member is found to be inactive in terms of cricket activity for more than 3 years the Club to which he/she belongs is demoted as an Associate member and if the club is still inactive for 3 years it automatically loses its membership.

Currently the association is headed by Sharad Pawar who is also the president of Board of Control for Cricket in India.Various cricket club are associated with MCA like Dadar Parsi Colony Gymkhana , Shahpu Spencer Challenge Shield Cricket Committee .Domestic Cricket

  • Dr HD Kanga Memorial Cricket League
  • Harris and Giles Shield inter-school tournaments
  • Times shield

The Managing Committee

The Managing Committee of the Association consists of

  • One President – By election (biannually)
  • Two Vice Presidents – By election (biannually)
  • One Hon. Treasurer – By election (biannually)
  • Two Jt. Hon. Secretaries – By election (biannually)
  • Nine Managing Committee members – By election (biannually)
  • Five Gymkhana Representatives – by virtue of their status as the founder members
  • Two Co-opted members – by virtue of their status as the founder members
  • Total of 22 members.

The Jt. Hon. Secretaries look after the day to day working of the Association. The Managing Committee appoints various Sub Committees for smooth functioning of the Association, however the following Sub Committees are the important ones which run the cricket show.

  • 1. Dr. H.D. Kanga Memorial Cricket League Sub Committee
  • 2. Tournament Sub Committee
  • 3. Umpires Sub Committee
  • 4. Registration of players Sub Committee
  • 5. Maidan Sub Committee
  • 6. Selection Committees-
  • Senior Selection Committee for Ranji Trophy
  • Under-19 & MCA Colts Selection Committee
  • Junior Selection Committee
  • 7. Coaching Sub Committee

Each of the Sub Committee has a member of the Managing Committee as its Hon. Secretary

President: Mr. Sharad Pawar

Hon. Secretary: Prof. R.S. Shetty

Contact Mumbai Cricket Association at:

Mumbai Cricket Association
Wankhede Stadium,
D. Road, Churchgate,
Mumbai – 400 020.
Phone : 022-2811795/2817876/2819910
Grams : BOMCRIC Mumbai
Fax :022-2817851

Mumbai cricket team

The Mumbai (formerly Bombay) cricket team is one of the top cricket teams in the Ranji Trophy, India‘s top domestic competition. The team has won over 36 titles, the most recent being in 2003-04. It has also come runner-up in the final of the Ranji Trophy a total of 4 times. The team’s home ground is the Wankhede Stadium in South Mumbai, near Churchgate railway station, Mumbai. The team comes under the West zone. The Mumbai Cricket Association offices are located in the Wankhede Stadium.

Competition History

It is generally a setback for an Indian state cricket team, when your state has been divided into two teams. The city of Mumbai has been on its own on the cricketing circuit for its entire history, with the state of Maharashtra running through the competition with a separate team. However, Mumbai is an exception to the normal results of state division. Perhaps this was clear when it won to the 1st ever Ranji Trophy in 1934/35, with the likes of Vijay Merchant starring in the final against Northern India.

It was an even larger surpirse that this city was the winner of the second Ranji Trophy as well (1935/36), this time the victory was against Madras. Mumbai was meeting much success in the Ranji Trophy and by the time the tournament was 20 years old, it has won 7 times. But it was after this point, that Mumbai was unleashed upon India. The team, then called Bombay, from 1955 to 1975, Mumbai won 18 of the 20 seasons, this was part of a 15 year winning streak (1958 – 1973). It was only in 1978 and 1979 that two consecutive seasons finished in which Mumbai was not in the finals. For the next 5 years after that year, Mumbai was in all but 1 final.

The strength of Mumbai was lost somewhat in the last 80s, but they picked it up once again in the mid 90s. From 1994-2004, Mumbai won an additional 6 Ranji Trophies. It has not won a trophy in the last two seasons, but is still one of the strongest teams in the Ranji Trophy Elite Group.

This has led to many consecutive performances in the Irani Trophy, however Mumbai has failed to beat the Rest of India team since 1998. It has still been successful, having won 15 Irani Trophies and only lost 7.

Famous Players

The team is known for its batting and spin bowling and has produced many of the Indian cricket team‘s top batsmen over the years. Some of the players who have appeared in the national team include:

Current Squad

2006-07 Ranji Trophy Super League squad

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